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Windows 10 Beginners Introduction and Basics

How to CLEAN install Windows 10 Tutorial:

To keep files and upgrade Tutorial:

This is how to get started on Windows 10! This tutorial includes basic start steps and features of Windows 10. Also, make a Microsoft account if you haven’t done so already! Windows 10 seems pretty promising and stable, I am very happy to show you guys how to get started on…

15 Comments on Windows 10 Beginners Introduction and Basics

  1. Why you moving the cursor so fast? You talking to fast . You have no idea how to teach somebody !!!!

  2. I'm told Window 10 not safe to use because Internet company can see you whilst you're using window 10 by live video camera

  3. when I click on the windows start a full screen comes up with all the tiles on it then I have to click on the 4  little lines on the right bottom to  view the list on the right and the tiles boxes also at the top of the list it  always starts with  0 to 9  how do I change it so when I click  on the windows start it brings up the list and the tiles at the same time ?? also why is the 0 to 9 always at the top of the list ??

  4. Can You Download more other apps/websites and games
    like wizard 101,imvu, pirate 101 and Torch internet ?

  5. really good video i really like it

  6. +Daveyrawrz can you show me some gameplay of some games

  7. how does windows 10 compare to OS X?

  8. I am still using windows xp lol

  9. I'm sorry I'm contacting you here. But do you think you can spare one laptop that I could use for my own business as a app developer on android. My computer recently had its motherboard burned out so I can't release or develop my app called "IndieMusic". The idea is basically to have an app where indie artists can submit there music for a community to review and rate. I'm willing to pay shipping for the laptop but I am begging you to please just help me out. I'll even give you a beta version of the app before its released. I'm planning on getting funded on kick starter or something like that. I would really need one that will last me until I can finish my app.

  10. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the new features of Windows, and felt like I had to start finding my way around the system all over again. So this helps a bunch! I know what most of the things do, and or located now. 
    I feel more confident in exploring it more now, because from before I didn't want to mess anything up xD
    I do love the design of 10, but i personally thing that 7 looked a little more "modern". Maybe it will grow on me over time. 🙂

  11. Nice video. Windows 7 and 8 had a baby. 🙂 Funny stuff.

  12. interesting. I think I'm gonna block updates and wait. I already had to fix some slow down updates, that oddly always seem to appear when a new version of windows comes along.  maybe I'm just paranoid.  By the way, it took me and my brotherinlaw three hours to get his amd video card to work properly.  We googled it, and sure enough, a great many amd cards won't work properly with amd window 10's version of the driver, which tries to override amd's website version.  After reading how windows 10 wants to monopolize all drivers, I decided to stick with windows 7, which I have tweaked as much as possible.  Thank you for the cool intro, though.

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