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Windows 10 Black Screen Of Death FIX [Tutorial]

How to fix Windows 10 blank or black screen with cursor after logging into computer. Fix – Windows 10 black screen with cursor before login / after update

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).

This is the issue where your screen goes black with just the cursor on it. When you boot the PC you get…

34 Comments on Windows 10 Black Screen Of Death FIX [Tutorial]

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  2. Well thanks didnt help but i was watching the vid and when you have to left click task manager it just randomly got fixed thanks lol

  3. I’m so happy this worked

  4. My screen randomly came on while I was watch this WTF????????

  5. Thank you so much ily no homo. I liked and subscribed!!!!!!

  6. Dude, you saved my life. ♡
    First time that such a video worked for me.

  7. FeelsBadMan. Didn't know there was a windows update on my encoder pc. Surprise to find out, the update instantly fixed my black screen. So much wasted time. Thank you for the video. It still got me to do something different.

  8. hi fellas i've got a brand new pc with the following setup ryzen 7 3700x asus rog strix x470-f gaming nvidia geforce 2080 2 x 8gb g-skill trident z rgb corsair hx850i My screen turns completely black while gaming or watching 4k videos on youtube, and i can't do anything anymore. Mouse, Keyboard and the pc still are working (lights on) but the screen goes black and after 1 min it turns off. reset nor power button work, i have to push the power switch button on the power supply. please help me out. I built this pc a day ago and already the trouble is starting..PLEASE HELP ME

  9. When I turn on the laptop, this black screen with cursor happens. However, if I press the power button after that black screen comes, my laptop shuts down and boots normally. Now, when I’m done with my work on the laptop, I shut it down and when I try to boot it, the black screen comes. Just so you know, it takes me forever to turn on and off the laptop

  10. First my pin wouldnt work then i went to the forgot my password and put in the confirmation code then i got this screen

  11. Awesome. Thank you!

  12. Thanks bro! Your video tutorial really helped me!! I was afraid that I would lose some of my important data bcs of black screen but thanks to ur vid, my laptop works perfectly normal now!

  13. Too bad "Task Manager" won't even load up? Is there a fixed for this? Seams like all video are the same. Thought this one would be different.

  14. Is Somebody there facing that after reseting because of lag

  15. Bro I love you thanks. A lot

  16. Thanks Man, Ya Got My Life Saved!

  17. You saved my ass! Thanks

  18. Have to watch this cause I tried modding a game and downloaded a virus cause I'm dumb. Thanks jerk who infected my computer

  19. Thank you I was so scared bc i got it backs haven’t had it for a month it was in storage thought it was broken I thank you good sir

  20. Man you are the best man my labtop is working now ????????

  21. What if there is no winlogon?

  22. lmao nvm just put HDMI cord is us slot

  23. Take the battery out the put it back in works fine

  24. Helped me very much

  25. You think my battery might have something to do with it too?

  26. Thanks that really helps

  27. Great help, i was scared when my laptop suddenly went black????. Thany you so much

  28. Guys try press F8 button
    It works in Toshiba laptop to open advanced settings

  29. Thx it’s works

  30. I tried a lot of times with various types but I still happening

  31. I just went back to choose program optioj thing

    It kinda worked but now im stuck in this application error thing it wants me to terminate the program

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