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20 Comments on Windows 10 Build 9879 Games that run

  1. You really think Im that dumb you are on windows 8

  2. Why doesn't Rome: Total war work? When I try to run it, it just quits once it starts? Someone else who has this problem?

  3. If you have a crappy system,just because you put a new OS on it doesn't mean it will improve your system.Check your specs,keep the manufacturers drivers on a usb, and give it a go.Or create a new partition and install it there, that way you lose nothing.

  4. Hi so ever since I installed Windows 10 I haven't been able to play 2 games: Witcher 2: AKEE, and SMITE. Instead, I'll get a app error: 0xc000007b when i launch either one.
    Before, This computer had Windows 8.1 and these 2 games ran perfectly. Now that I switched to windows 10, (which they released for free because they secretly wanted to release a program tat they know is still in beta mode and thus we are free guinea pigs) The game fails to launch with that error code. Heres what I already tried:

    – tried deleting vdirectx and reinstalling
    – verified caches.
    – changing compatibility from xp 1 to windows 8ːsteamsadː
    – putting administration rights on the entire folder.
    – restarting my computer
    – reinstalling the games.
    – tried looking for the acupt thingy dll. file in SysWin 32 and 64, but it wasn't in either of them.
    * a friend of mine with the same problem with smite tried reinstalling his OS, and it still didn't work.

    One guy on the internet claims he tried playing 3 different type of games and concluded that W10 has issues with directx9 and recommends playing with a dual OS boot or to use an older version of windows. This is something I don't wanna do because a) it takes a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of time and b) I like W10. I tried looking for another solution, but there is none. Does anyone else have this issue, or a solution? :(ː

    comp specs: ASUS ROG gl551jw-ds71
    core: i7
    gaming card: nvidia geforce gtx 960m
    (yes it's a gaming laptop, and a damn good one.)

  5. GTA 4 STILL will not work even with windows 10, it does the same shit windows 8 did. it will crash and when I try to use compatibility mode; the 'compatibility' option is not there. I thought ALL games will run on windows 10.

  6. most games that don't run on origin and steam have problems with the installers, they just hang at one point or another.

  7. I cant get my gears of war dvd game to load in windows 10

  8. can killing floor 2 work?

  9. Age of empires 3 works. I want to track down the first one. Loved playing that at grandpa's house! Now he's gone and we haven't seen the game in years. If I do replace it I hope it will run. I prefer those older ages to the modern ones. I'll have to test dragon age origins later

  10. but max payne dose not work, fall out3 does not work

  11. sorry for the dumb quiestion but does anyone knows will darksiders and darksiders 2  work for windows 10 because i can't find any answer

  12. Pretty much all games except Mabinogi

  13. Does all steam games work? plz answer ; – ;

  14. do you need a good pc  to run fear 3??

  15. does h1z1 work?

  16. Hogs of War And Scarface don't work on Win10 :/

  17. No not all games run bececause I can't play my game call Elsword. It it was running but then it's not gonna open because OF FUCKING WINDOWS 10!!

  18. I Have A ? Will I Be Able To Play FS2004 On Windows 10

  19. can I play pirated games? I mean like I downloaded from other websites and can I play. it. on windows 10

  20. Can someone tell me why there's no thumbs up or thumbs down option?  I wish I could thumbs up to give this video a better rating.

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