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Windows 10: Cool Cortana Voice Commands

Hands on voice commands with Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10. Cortana can sing, tell jokes, stories, interesting facts, among many other things, such as setting reminders.

27 Comments on Windows 10: Cool Cortana Voice Commands

  1. pls how to enable thatt

  2. can i have that wallpaper please

  3. I'm a simple man, I see cortana mentioned in the video and i press dislike.

  4. Cortana's voice is cuter than Siri's voice:-)

  5. which version of windows that? nice UI, i mean i want it too..

  6. That song from annabelle 2

  7. How is she so good at singing?! Fuck me

  8. cortona sings well ❤????

  9. Just i get a working windows 10 key from link:#
    Genuine and working properly.

  10. That's the United Kingdom language sound. I even have it. You can change it in Cortana and Search settings.

  11. This Cortana has a much better singing voice then my version. I am quite jealous!

  12. man these are actually the most boring commands

  13. ask her if she likes justin bieber :v

  14. Dumbass why are u saying pm if u are using military time. it defeats the whole purpose -_-


  16. He asked Cortana at the beginning of the video about the weather today, but she answered about tomorrow's date!

  17. This is sick ! I mean this is amazing !

  18. Cool, heading that way!! Lookout Win 10

  19. I don't know if it's a new update… but my Cortana won't tell me what the weather is going to be like in the window… Instead opens a bing page instead with information 🙁

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