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Windows 10 Creators update Tips and tricks Where are the pictures in the Photo app

Where to look in the Photos app to see where your pictures are located on the computer hard drive

4 Comments on Windows 10 Creators update Tips and tricks Where are the pictures in the Photo app

  1. The auto album creation in this app is one of the most annoying features of it. There should be an on/off switch to give you the option or remove the feature altogether as I can never see the purpose of it, as I know best as to what album to create. I spend more time removing all these totally annoying albums that I have no desire to use the album feature of this app. I have not checked my Albums section for about a week and now have a total of 60 newly created albums that are of no use to me and have to be removed. It seems as fast as you get rid of them there is more replacing them!
    Graple Pearls – Removing an album from the app does not delete the original photo.
    I wish this app was a good replacement for the old Photo Gallery (which I still use) as it can do so many things that this Photo app cannot do.

  2. Gilles, is there some kind of work around to stop the Photos app from creating all these automatic photo albums??? If not, if I delete those automatically created photo albums does that delete the pictures everywhere else too?

  3. You need to do a video on the Movies & TV app and how recent updates screwed it up.
    I personally hate that it now messes up how it displays my videos in the videos folder, which each different type of video is in it's own folder (I/e: Windows 10, my various pc hardware (I/e: video card, cpu, ssd, etc.).
    That organization no longer exists in the Movies & TV app. It only still exists in the Videos folder which stinks and Microsoft must fix it fast.
    As far as the Photos app, it stinks and needs to be killed off. I can't count how many times it loses and refinds my pictures in the Pictures folder.
    That and all my folders are as organized as my Videos folder is.

  4. Doing great on the video front mate , keep up the good work my friend 🙂 : Big thumbs up 🙂

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