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Windows 10 for beginners Tutorial Part 1

This video is a tutorial on key features of Windows 10. Such as the Start Menu, Task Bar, task manger, etc.

30 Comments on Windows 10 for beginners Tutorial Part 1

  1. Thank you. Will help me find my way around after Windows 7.

  2. thank you so much i have you on my old 7 to program windows 10

  3. Perhaps this might have been a useful video, but impossible to watch due to poor pronunciation/articulation.


  5. Too many like, "likes".

  6. Well done Mike. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

  7. win 10 eats shit worst ever. they just want to sell our info to market garbage
    . dont upgrade fu microsoft! fuck you in you shit hole!

  8. You sound really fed up ….

  9. I was Apple. So Microsoft is a new ball game. I don’t like the tiles. Rather just have icons to the left. Now the other thing. I just want very basic for beginner and said at a much slower pace. Everyone speak to quickly. I’m not an IT geek. Thanks for your help.

  10. Hi Prime Tech, Windows 10 for beginners Tutorial Part-1 this was excellent did you make a part 2? I subscribed to your channel but can’t seem to find it …thanks

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  12. where is part 2? cant find it

  13. Hi can you please please please email me how to set up my desktop with the icons. I do not like the tiles and would like my screen to look just like this. My email address is Thank you so much for the super helpful tutorial.

  14. i could understand his english a little fast but i just rerun it thank you it helped me

  15. At the opening time, Starting page (page before typing the password) of my windows 10 enterprise is dancing. What can I do?

  16. Thanks for the tutorial. Windows installed Windows 10 in the middle of the night (like a thief) and I have not used it. I could not figure out how to use it. This was very helpful. Thank you.

  17. Very helpful information. Thank you!

  18. Nicely explained…..well done!

  19. prime tech  um,um,um,um, um

  20. really excellent review of 2016 and great tutorial because of its simplicity.

  21. "And remember you can save 200 bucks by downloading Camtasia and using the TSZ keygen…" :-)))

  22. This guy need's to work on his pronouncement. Too fast & some of what he says is hard to understand.

  23. How do you get your start menu to look exactly like that?

  24. I like your STYLE and no nonsense approach to the relevant matter at hand.

  25. I'll see what I can do

  26. Make a same video on windows 8.1.

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