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Windows 10 Hack Tutorial – PowerShell WebScript Delivery

This time we use a Powershell Script to Spawn a Meterpreter Session on Windows 10 and Evade Windows Defender.

Full Written Tutorial Here including commands –

This videos Exploits a weakness by staying in Memory and therefore bypassing av (antivirus) detection.
Hacking can be considered an illegal crime so makes your staying with in the law when running tests.

This video is purely for educational purposes as a Proof of…

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6 Comments on Windows 10 Hack Tutorial – PowerShell WebScript Delivery

  1. A Sister PowerShell Specific Channel on EMPIRE has been created for POST Exploitation Technicques here –
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  2. Just to clarify, you literally did nothing special. You generated a powershell backdoor payload, and manually entered it in cmd on the Windows side. No exploitation, no anything. No shit Windows Defender didn't catch it. Windows Defender doesn't catch any powershell payloads ever. All you did was show you know how to copy paste a pre-generated powershell meterpreter stager

  3. Oh
    That was very fast

  4. Good pro! 🙂

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