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Windows 10 How-To: 5 Tips for Productivity

Customize your Windows 10 experience using apps, the Start menu, and more. Follow these five tips to do more with Windows 10.

8 Comments on Windows 10 How-To: 5 Tips for Productivity

  1. what airplane mode will do?

  2. if i upgrade my pc to windows 10 im going to lose all of my data?

  3. I'm in no rush to upgrade my Surface Pro 2 to Windows 10. There's still lots of bugs that need ironing out, and the upgrade experience wasn't so seamless for my a relative on their Surface Pro 2:

    – Start Screen organization gets discarded when you upgrade to Windows 10; tile groups, custom shortcuts, etc, are gone and have to be redone.

    – Organizing the start-screen is very tedious compared to Windows 8.1.1; can't select multiple tiles with touch nor with ctrl + click, and when you drag a tile to some upper location on the start-screen, some bug in Windows 10 'cause the start-screen to crash and show the Desktop.

    – The new taskbar is tiny thin at 1600×900 resolution on the Surface Pro 2 at 100% scaling. I require this configuration 'cause I don't want to use Windows Scaling (due to devs being too lazy to make their applications compatible), I'm still able to read content on my Surface Pro 2's screen at an arm's length away without straining my eyes, and I actually gain more space for my Start Screen tiles than at 1920×1080 resolution with 125% scaling.

    – Although I personally don't use OneDrive (I built my ownCloud), OneDrive's smart placeholders from Windows 8.1.1 are gone; relative can't access their OneDrive files in File Explorer without it taking space on their Surface Pro 2, and there's no intuitive and straight-forward way bring this back.

    – Currently no built-in methodology for controlling Windows Updates. Windows 10 Pro currently forces me to either become ignoramus of what Microsoft installs on my PC (screw that), or go through a lot of steps to control it. Windows 8.1.1 made this simple and straight forward.

    Those are problems I quickly noticed after taking a moment to try and re-configure the relative's Surface Pro 2, not to talk of all the recent privacy-invading headlines Windows 10 has been making…not desperate to experience the same sh*t on mine.

  4. I love Windows 10 and everything about it except for the fact that Microsoft is stealing all of our personal data.

  5. That joke was a really good one !!

  6. Under 1,000 club.

  7. Furthermore spiders don't need a PC !

  8. that joke at the end tho

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