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Windows 10: How to burn CDs and DVDs

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We’ll show you how to burn data discs, audio discs and ISO files to CD and DVD, without the need for any third party apps!

23 Comments on Windows 10: How to burn CDs and DVDs

  1. Doesn't work if your computer DVD player doesn't burn discs.

  2. The problem with Windows Media Player is that you have no control. It screws everything up.

  3. Thanks so much now I can burn my DBZ Episodes

  4. so simple and well described . thank you

  5. hey there
    can you answer my question
    i am trying to burn movies on to cd and i want it to work on my ps4 and why doesnt it work and what am i doing it wrong like??

  6. Thank you I tried earlier I couldn't get it. Very good presentation!

  7. very helpfull video thanks

  8. EXCELLENT tutorial…Clear and concise…Thank you.

  9. Thank you ..
    Love from Bangladesh ❤️

  10. Thanks you so much !

  11. It is method, it damage dvd , it is not work anywhere

  12. Can i use a usb flash drive option for non writeable disc. Will it work !?

  13. To burn dvds the videos have to be converted to dvd format. It makes it a video_ts folder

  14. Is there a way to check the disc (CD) for flaws before you record?

  15. This worked very well for me I'm very happy with the outcome.

  16. What does recording speed mean?

  17. do we have limitation on Disk type ? or any R or RW disk can be burned.

  18. Thanks a lot… well done … well explained…

  19. When I select an ISO file, I don't have the "manage" tab at the top. How do I get that "manage" tab to appear?

  20. Pls I need a answer choosing usb flash disk options will the movie show in dvd player

  21. thank you so much for this useful vid homeboy you deserve like 10 billions of subscribers dropped a boom big thumbs up. for those of you who are experiencing Display error to fix this just use program something like windows movie maker and make it easy on yourself

  22. I did as you showed by when I'm inserting the DVD to my computer PC then it's not getting detected. So now what can I do?

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