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Windows 10 :How to Disable Notifications pop-up of apps or systems #computerrepair #computerrepair

Cheap Gaming Headphone: Windows 10 :How to Disable Notifications pop-up of apps or systems
#notification #pop-ups #systemnotification #appsnotification #computerrepair

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How to Enable or disable include…

23 Comments on Windows 10 :How to Disable Notifications pop-up of apps or systems #computerrepair #computerrepair

  1. Thank you VERY FUCKIN MUCH !!!! Fuckn INSTAGRAMSHIT got me nuts already with the sound and pop up every fuckin second i fuckin hate notifications. GOOD LUCK !

  2. What model is your potato?

  3. finally………awww..thanks..'

  4. this is 2017 . 2018 not 1930

  5. How do i stop the auto updates just kicked me out of global cs match…

  6. I keep getting "battery plugged in not charging" 20 times a day. And it's OFF in the settings. I guess I have to waste more time watching videos to find out how and why I still get those damn notifications. I wish I still had Windows XP, I'd even settle for Windows 7.

  7. WTF is your mic in a bucket of water??????????

  8. Thanks fpr the toutorial finnaly that one antivirus program doesnt send me annoying notifications. 🙂

  9. thanks for the help, fix your damn mic

  10. windows 10 IS ONE SCREWED UP SYSTEM. I HAVE HAD TO BUST UP WINDOWS TEN in my big computer. my wife's little puter well its a piece of crap cortana just as bad or worse than siri

  11. For god's sake man…SPEAK UP!!!!

  12. How do I only mute YouTube comment notifications?

  13. Thanks, it helped when I was trying to make a video.

  14. I get constant pop up from command prompt when I checked it says
    What should I do ???

  15. Visually, an excellent help. Audio is horrifically bad.

  16. Can I toggle my message notifications? It seems it wont work as its connected with skype, it kinda gets in my way when I'm playing various games?

  17. how about the cap locks option to turn it off?

  18. +Computer,Cell phones tips How do you get your settings page and everything a dark theme?

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