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Windows 10 Inking Tutorial

Inking is a great feature built into Windows 10. Allow me to show you a few of my favorite applications!

24 Comments on Windows 10 Inking Tutorial

  1. Very informative. Is it possible to erase on sticky notes?

  2. Thx. Learned a lot! I can't figure out how to make my camera rear facing. I have a Lenovo yoga 720. Any help? Thx ☺

  3. So helpful! Exactly what I was looking for 🙂 thanks Michele

  4. i will buy one ASAP

  5. Are you able to capture any screen to write on? for example, want to make mark ups on a pdf?

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this! It helped me a lot!

  7. The demo on "reading view" of Microsoft Edge web pages is actually quite misleading. First, it does not get rid of the photos. Second, the article is chopped up into short screens which are not vertically scroll-able once in the pen mode. So the comments added are restricted to one screen at a time. Third, what is copied and pasted is an image file which is not editable in Word. In a word, it is a less than useful ink pen function.

  8. This is the best windows ink tutorial I've come across so far. I'm 53 years old and I was stressing over how I would figure out this program. Thank you!
    Question: This probably sounds stupid, but can work created in small laptops and tablets be printed out on regular printers and/or be sent through to emails?

  9. what was the interior design app?

  10. Video moments I liked your eyes and beautiful video 🙂

  11. I have your same Lenovo. How can I activate the pen?

  12. Absolutely the best video of Windows ink …..stunning

  13. What's the model of the laptop and the pen? Thanks for the vdo!

  14. Very concise and interesting video!
    If there are any new features could you come back with an update and show even more possibilities with the pen? Also, can anyone suggest pen options from cheap to high end that work with HP Pavilion x360? Thank you Michele!

  15. What laptop are you exactly using on this video?

  16. This was a fantastic, detailed overview of a variety of usefully scenerios I didnt know about. I appreciate you taking the time to do the video! I am going to share it with others. Thank you!

  17. Good tut. Hard to find good info on windows ink and actually get hands-on. And ur gorgeous, so that didn't hurt. 🙂

  18. One of the best videos on windows ink I've come across!
    Thank you for this great tutorial!!

  19. wonderful video. I just got a pro 4 (I was using IPAD) very impressive

  20. Which map app are you using?

  21. can i use it in dell inspiron 5378

  22. Thank you !!! this was awesome! Now I'm prepared to use inking!

  23. Probably the best video about Windows Ink!

  24. Where did you buy Lenovo active pen 2? Is it 4000 sensitive?

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