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windows 10 Internet Connection but Browsers do not work 2 Solutions TUTORIAL FIX

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Hey people! In this video I show you guys how to fix a fairly common problem that people on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and windows 10are having. This involves your PC having a secure internet connection, but none of your browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) work, and you cannot access internet via these browser. In this…

20 Comments on windows 10 Internet Connection but Browsers do not work 2 Solutions TUTORIAL FIX

  1. Dude!! You are AWESOME!!!! Here's my story, I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 as soon as it became available on my laptop but when I upgraded, Chrome did not work nor did any other programs that required internet access. It took me hours and days trying to figure why it wasn't working and I figure it must be a glitch with Windows 10 so I downgraded back to Windows 8.1 and viola, everything was back to normal. Well, after a few weeks I thought about upgrading back to 10 but then I was thinking, nah, I have no issues with 8.1 so I will keep it, until suddenly I came across your video by accident, I figure, okay let me try one last time to see if this works, so I upgraded back to 10 and after following your instructions, it WORK!!!! it truly actually work, I couldn't believe it bro and so I want to say thank you for your kind expertise in helping others like myself in fixing this issue. Everything is working perfectly just as they were in 8.1 so I am officially sticking with 10.

  2. Thnx bro u r epic it worked

  3. uau man thanks !!!!!

  4. first command Works but second no. cant find int ip reset.log hit

  5. genius, clear and concise instructions. thankyou so much 🙂 it worked

  6. you saved me omg

  7. Hi, i have this problem but My Skype or steam/any browser doesnt work. Please help

  8. Thanks alot Bro! this finally solved it for me. now chrome, firefox, dropbox, evernote, google drive are all connecting to the internet.

  9. It worked thanks a lot :)

  10. Thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh 😀 the first one works for me

  11. You are a fucking God. Works great thanks man

  12. think you boy its work

  13. thanks a lot… It's work !!

  14. Solution 1 is working for me — for at least 10 minutes.


  15. thanksss. it works.. :)

  16. Thanks it worked I been trying to fix it for about 5 hours

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