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Windows 10 Launch – July 29

On July 29, fans in 190 countries around the world celebrated the launch of Windows 10 and kicked off a new yearlong initiative to #UpgradeYourWorld, which recognizes people and organizations making a difference.

19 Comments on Windows 10 Launch – July 29

  1. Thankyou Samsung and Microsoft for The assume Windows10 upgrade :)

  2. After this I upgraded right away.

  3. The guy at the beginning. You can tell he plays Minecraft.

  4. 1:14 Somebody tell me name of soundtrack.

  5. this is the best windows has microsoft ever released!!!!!!!! I love it……..

  6. I love windows 10

  7. Buy a mac book install Windows 10 :D

  8. Microsoft can beat Apple only if they can kick out all the Indian developers who sucks at programming.

  9. well  I've got 10 and had nothing but a probe my printer wont print and the vol on skype ie ringing in and out wont work and I have tried everything even the tex people cant help so where do you go from there? back to 8.1

  10. Time to hack and DDos attach Microsoft NSA terrorists and teach them not to fuck with peoples privacy. NSA also need to be taken out and taught lesson. Blow up NSA illegal data collecting centres. They are all over the USA

  11. 1:08 deadbeat would rather sit in his basement playing xbox than play with his daughter.

  12. the only best windows is: XP, 7 and 10

  13. I love Windows 10!!! its the best operating system!!! :)

  14. anyone with any sense will not buy, upgrade or use windows NSA spy 10. Microsoft are NSA terrorists and abuse, spy on your data for the NSA

  15. 0.01 I noticed that guy loves microsoft so much because he wears minecraft t shirt

  16. After seeing this i can't imagine where Microsoft take's the XBOX.

  17. The best windows of all time !

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