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Windows 10 Not Booting Up FIX [Tutorial]

If your Windows 10 computer is not booting up, this tutorial will be for you.

Media Creation Tool (to boot computer from):

The Windows 10 boot process is quite simple. When your computer starts, the BIOS or UEFI Firmware is loaded, which performs a small set of checks on your hardware called the Power On Self Test (POST.) The BIOS then scans the hard disk master boot record, which loads an important file into main memory called…

41 Comments on Windows 10 Not Booting Up FIX [Tutorial]

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  2. How do I get passed the defaultuser0?

  3. My laptop wont go in auto repair mode after 3 force shut downs

  4. Mine just started to turn on and immediately turn off, after that it turns on againd and just keeps doing that never reaching the desktop screen

  5. Hi in having problem logng in to windows is was doing all the things in the video at the start but I pressed the reset PC option it reinstalled windows 10 but now wont boot at all in just getting black screen with a whit dash in the top left

  6. What do I do if I don't have an admin account? Most of the advanced options require me signing into an admin account.

  7. I clicked restart. Still not opening. What to do now?

  8. yeah no… my computer turns on and is just at a blank screen. did a hard power turn off….. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 times. nothing.

  9. These windows problems really piss me off, it's the main reason i stopped using my pc. Every week there is at least one problem.

    (What if windows does this to people who are on it too much to get them outside.)

  10. I had considerable trouble as a newbie with a small desktop. In order to alleviate the problems, I learned a little through trial and error, and I bought a big computer ($1400 for a big, second-hand gaming desktop that weighs at least forty lbs), and found a good, cheap, honest tech. I felt profound loss when he went out of biz, but by then I had learned enough to overcome most problems. Took abut 5 years and I spent over $4000 total during that time, including 2 new graphics cards (get at least a 1080 ti triple-fan for 4k gaming bc a 970 will overheat when worked hard), 2 solid state hard drives (found out I didn't really need a samsung 512 gb), 28" 4K monitor and a few other peripherals, plus repair and new hardware installation expenses. It takes time, practice and money to get and maintain a great rig, but you DO become better and you end up with a great pc.

  11. Guys I am really the unluckiest person in the world bec I bought xbox instead of ps4 so I can play fortnite only with buying xbox live and my sis got a laptop that have a graphic card and I got one that haven't also I tried to play fortnite on the PC but with 20 fps and less and this happened to me

  12. Sir……Don't show restar and advance option,,,,,tell me sir how to show restar and advanc options……plz sir tell me…

  13. What do you do if start up repair can't run. It's a fresh install

  14. I am in this situation now. My surface pro tablet windows wont start. I got warning recently that disk is full but I ignored it. How can this be solved? How to delete some files while windows wont open? or how can I copy files without windows being open? I am afraid losing my files. any help??

  15. Screw these media creation tools and all the rest, the OS should just work, kinda like XP worked and 98 before that. Microsoft forces an upgrade and then screws it all up, I'm sticking with 7 regardless of their not fixing issues anymore, it works pretty much flawlessly.

  16. Ever since I changed my screen resolution it eont start up idk if it blacks screens and my monitor isn't showing or what but idk how to get it back to the resolution it was on

  17. I tried every possible option and it still won't boot to the startup screen

  18. hi! I’ve tried every single troubleshooting method and nothing seems to work. When trying the (C:) I got all 0’s. Is there a way to fix this without deleting everything on my pc? Thank you!

  19. My computer totally block out.. I did not finish this method.. Then after totally block out my lop top

  20. Wont load nothing what do I do

  21. This thing is the worst

  22. Brand new notebook – a tiddler – Thomson Neon 12 – put it on extended charge overnight – switch on this morning – black Screen with Thomson Logo and Windows 10 will not boot up . What a pain – tried everything – this vid useless – seen many others here with same issue – WHAT IS WRONG WITH WINDOWS 10?

  23. Why I hate Ms. Auto update your machine and kills it. Then you spend hours/days to fix THEIR problem.

  24. Bhai leptop me data rhega

  25. Ever since I started using Windows 10 I've had more and more problems.

  26. God dammit I tride everything this asshole Windows 10!!!!!

  27. Can i turn off my pc while its doing that?

  28. I have over 200 plus beats i can’t lose bro ????????

  29. When I click troubleshoot it goes right to advanced settings, but without startup settings

  30. I cant even get to that screen,I turn it on and just see the msi screen.

  31. It's asking for a password and I have lost my password so I can't recover

  32. How are you recording this

  33. l know little about computers, just enough to get me buy, l was able what you showed on this video on my own, nothing works it's like in a loop fix, goes back to where you started over and over and never boots up.

  34. E:WINDOWSsystem32logfilesSrtSrtTrail.txt.
    That popped up on me when i tried a system restore. How do i go about fixing that? I feel like ive tried most things at this point. Other than doing a disk drive clean up thing.. or having all of my data wiped

  35. I have a Windows tablet PC that turns on but won't boot up, it show wireless book on screen and stops there,oh yeah and there's no battery only a power cord. How can I boot it or reset it.heellpp

  36. will media creation tool erase my data and program files or not

  37. f11 is recovery blue screen problem

  38. Μόνο που εγώ έχω laptop όχι pc και μου αρχίζει κανονικά και μου βγάζει ότι σου έγραφε μόνο που μου βγάζει μία μπλέ οθόνη και μου ξαναρχίζει από την άρχει

  39. Same showing to me but there is a problem in my pc…

  40. Mine crashes b4 I can get on recovery

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