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Windows 10 Not Opening Any Programs FIX [Tutorial]

Windows 10 not opening programs and executable (exe) files.

Command Used: “%1″%*

Apps are important part of Windows 10, and some users have reported that Windows 10 apps won’t open on their computer, so today we’ll show you how to fix this problem. Windows 10 apps are a crucial part of Windows, but sometimes problems with Windows apps can occur in different circumstances.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system…

45 Comments on Windows 10 Not Opening Any Programs FIX [Tutorial]

  1. Wtf worked tyyyyyyyy

  2. Thank you so so much .

  3. all it did was rename my audacity file to "%1"%* when I right clicked it :p

  4. I can’t open anything on my screen, takes 25 minutes to tell me program not responding!!!

  5. I restarted my computer and now it won't turn on….is been on the loading screen for several minutes. Not only did it not work but it appears to have broken my computer

  6. .exefile can find but CANNOT find the second exefile

  7. oh wow…you're not indian

  8. I changed it back when something went wrong
    and can download thing again

    Just means this isn't your problem

  9. It really works ! Amazing man !

  10. Only with Microsoft windows can you type in "Windows <version> <literally anything> not working" and STILL find a result on a google search. MacOS would not give us headaches like this at all. Thanks MDTechVideos but this did not work for me. Back to google searching. Maybe I should type in "Windows 10 has gremlins that do not let me open apps" might have some better luck there…

  11. You explained it great good job my man!

  12. thanks it worked like a charm was scared all my files got corrupted somehow

  13. No but can’t open the windows menu at all

  14. It works,thanks a lot Love it ????????????????

  15. Can’t even click that first part ????

  16. Nothing happened when i open my microsoft edge or any other app it loads then close i started having this problem after fully resetting my laptop

  17. My start menu won't open. .-.

  18. Awesome Desktop Picture

  19. What if when you get into your Registry Editor and you do not have a "exefile" folder… only a "evtfile" and a "evtxfile" folder?

  20. my windows 10 works great fixed problem video very helpful

  21. I just download avast that replace me a file now every work (I had a virus)

  22. if your an gamer and want a faster cpu or laptop you need to run off of windows 7, windows 10 is good looks but slow, sorry ba da bing ba da boom

  23. how can you type regedit if you cant even open the taskbar


  25. i factory reseted mine and now im just stuck in the home screen i can open anything

  26. I CANN'T FUCKING FIND WHAT I NEED MY PROBLEM IS THAT I CAN'T DO SHIT WITH WINDOWS i can't use the taskbar windows stuff i can;t use searth i can use windows tab i can;t use setting windows just fucking die im uprading to mac it sucks less

  27. My exe file is not there:(

  28. Thank you! This fixed it 🙂

  29. how to revert this?

  30. Thank you so much! This worked.

  31. That fix still works today! Thnx!

  32. When i open a .exe file this is what happens: i double click, nothing happens, and windows explorer freezes. To close windows explorer i have to restart it with task manager

  33. How do i reset the settings back to how they were

  34. i found an solution! right click the .exe file, click send to: compressed (zipped) folder it will make a new foklder ith only the .exe installed and then it runs it!

  35. me my open word is changed to "%1… can i reset back ?

  36. fuck you man! the open just changed name to "%1"%*

  37. thanks sir..youre amazing


  39. I can’t even right click it all that it says is new when I do

  40. Thank you!…………….very much you are a lifesaver man thank works????????????????????

  41. i have tried this but this is not working for me

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