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Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Upgrade tutorial

Windows 10 October 2018 Update, version 1809, tutorial: Steps to properly upgrade to version 1809 using the Media Creation Tool without loosing your files, apps, and settings.
** Important: Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update) is expected to release sometime in October. If you use the Media Creation Tool before the official release date, you WON’T get version 1809.

Warning: Do **NOT** try to install this update. Microsoft has pulled the October 2018 Update after reports of users…

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  2. Can you explain why windows doesn't do this automatically? It does all other upgrades automatically..

  3. can you share me you're wallpaper link???

  4. Will upgrading change my background and get rid of my apps?

  5. How much is the size of downloading Windows 10 after the media create tool

  6. It's December and, still mine is not showing 1809 update. I keep hitting update I get nothing. I wanna update so can in enjoy my $1,200 2080ti gpu features.

  7. Hi Sir, If I manually upgrade Windows 10 version 1803 to 1809 it is secure and fix bug in 1809 version about storage sense, brightness reset after reboot a laptop ??

  8. WIN10致命漏洞 ,当系统不正常启动几次,就可以选择重新安装,小孩子不知道密码,无法玩网络游戏。利用WIN10可以重新安装,把我的电脑里面的资料删的干干净净。请问要什么办法禁止WIN10重新安装功能?现在的硬件不支持WIN7,非得WIM10,我电脑几次给小孩子 重装 过。里面的资料删的干干净净。 能禁止重新安装的功能吗?

  9. I'm waiting for full upgrade of that windows.

  10. Media Creation Tool that you are downloading is for ver. 1803 and you just renamed it !!!

  11. this wont work for me i do everything then once my computer come back after an hour update its still on the 1803 build….can anyone help please!?!?!

  12. It wont let me upgrade to 1809 version. It stays in 1806 forever… WHY?

  13. how long will it take to install?

  14. It did not work for me with the media creation tool. After done running the windows creation tool app my windows version is still 1803 any help?

  15. please help. in my pc it show 10th april update

  16. You can also do Window key+R which open Run and Type in Winver and you will see your build too

  17. I can't update Windows 10 to 1809 version. It says: "this tool can't upgrade your pc". :/

  18. Can i get a link to this wallpaper?

  19. I updated W10 without back up(I have no idea I need that!) – and "my doc" are gone… Recovered with DiskInternals software (Uneraser). Btw, they have a discount for software all October. Maybe, for someone that information be helpful.
    PS Back up! Don't forget about it

  20. Too bad this 1809 update got cancelled due to the deletion of data after update.

  21. I try to dowmload this tool, but it is build 1803 not build 1809……

  22. Use Windows 10 update assistant
    It is very effective.

  23. here i left a like 😀 you are the best man 🙂 BTW you should upload your videos at 4k 60 fps hehe 😀

  24. Pessoal baixa Iso na segunda opção
    E faça a formatação limpa"formatação do 0", mudar de versão pelo upgrade"atualização suja" deixa o computador com possíveis bugs.

  25. As usual, excellent tutorial.

  26. Sir…will it wipe my user data or not?…using media creation tool?

  27. Wallpaper please

  28. idk where can i get that wallpapers Style

  29. if i update my windows 10 (1803) to the latest one, it will delete all of files of my pc?

  30. when is the new update being released

  31. are one of the features even poorer performance on pc games?

  32. No updates for me, both the first & second option say I'm up-to-date, the third one just installs 1803

  33. about file size??

  34. what about battery consumption??i have a lenovo net book,.After the last update(750mb size)(i think thats not october update),battery drains very fast).

  35. I went a step further and installed Linux. >___<

  36. Link wallpaper ? ????

  37. There is no updated Update Assistant tool so far, right? I dont find one on the MS servers. And the Media Creation tool doesnt work for me. It says "The language or edition of this PC is not compatible with this tool.". It seems it just works with the Home edition so far, on my Pro edition devices, it doesnt work.

  38. Watching the grass grow in my backyard made more sense then this "tutorial" – you may as well do another and call it "How to breathe – tutorial"

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