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Windows 10 – OneNote

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23 Comments on Windows 10 – OneNote

  1. its not working on my laptop

  2. Ok so you cant make tabs anymore? Cuz I'm really wanting that more than Sections>Pages

  3. Por favor. Tenho 10 pastas e suas subpastas e docs no PC e sempre me organizei assim, conseguiria transferir meus docs do word e excel e continuar trabalhando nestes com as ferramentas do word e excel? É possivel tranferir tudo para o Onenote ou outro app de organização? Se sim qual a vantagem e desvangem? Obg d+ a quem puder me orientar.

  4. What is my one note not syncing automatically?

  5. how do you save on one note

  6. How to find and customize the tag function like in OneNote 2016?

  7. Sehr gutes Tutorial. Möchte an der Stelle mal auf den Kanal von meinem Freund hinweisen der sich gerade als Computerfachmann selbstständig macht.

  8. If i attach a file e.g pdf file to a note then does it get saved online or its just available on that computer where the pdf file is? I mean can i access that attached pdf file on any pc after synchronizing?

  9. how to set password in this app??

  10. why there is dislikes?

  11. Where is the save as button ?

  12. Do you know if it's possible to resize the width of the columns in a table? I have a very simple two column table but I can only make the second column larger, not the first.

  13. This is great if you are a starting up in One note, this does not help with, how to get settings like it was before, this version of OneNote is just awful. If OneNote is in a language that you do not want, how to you do change that, I am not talking about the writing language, and if you have a section that is password protected how to you change the password or remove it

  14. Awful sound quality.

  15. what language is he speaking

  16. I'm having an issue where mid notes the format of the bullet points changes. At the star of my notes I have a solid bullet point for new ideas and stuff like that then below it if it needs a footnote or detail pertaining to it I have it as a non filled bullet point but still a circle point. All of a sudden from one line to the next it changed to a solid square point for the footnotes and I have no clue how to change it back to the I filled point. Sorry for the long message but I'm hoping you might be able to help me. Thnx

  17. I want to lock my personal notes with a password. How can I do that?

  18. can you save them to word or copy any content to word i need to share my notes with my study group

  19. One Note works on Windows 8 Tablet?

  20. +Sonar Systems can you also figure out how to change the date and time stamp underneath the title?

  21. I write my math notes on paper then bring them into one note when I'm at home. There used to be this add an equation but in this new update its not there. Or I can't find it. You wouldn't happen to know what happen to it would you?

  22. Sorry but I can't listen to this. Try writing a script before you start!

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