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Windows 10 preview – Tips, Tricks & Tutorial Review – Beginners Video Guide – Easy How To

An easy beginners tutorial on Windows 10 preview. In this Windows 10 review learn how to use this new OS and see easy hands on tricks and tips. In this tutorial you will see how to move around in Windows 10 2015 insiders release and see how to adjust and change Windows 10 PC settings with ease. You will see how to use Windows 10 features from a beginners view with ease and have fun doing it.

BTW the computer hardware that I used was my ASUS X551MAV HCL1201E notebook for this Windows 10…

20 Comments on Windows 10 preview – Tips, Tricks & Tutorial Review – Beginners Video Guide – Easy How To

  1. is it weird that i mastered windows 10 come on guys windows 10 not that hard to fix up its easy to set up you can get start10 for free ya know

  2. Much appreciated. Thanks for the great basic explanation.

  3. Thank You !!!!!!!
    Great general overview!!

  4. I am about to buy my first Windows machine. Found your video and it gave me the basics. Thanks for NOT including background music and for clearly cutting to the chase on each item.

  5. Can you please tell me how to simple zoom in  and out on any photo I have in my pictures like I was able too in windows 7.  I used to be able jus rotate my mouse wheel and zoom in and out.  thank you.

  6. i am new user of windows 10. and it is helpful

  7. i didn't set up n ms account so no password requested to logon!

  8. I love Windows 7. I have no intention of changing to Windows 10 !!! Hate it !!!!

  9. Nice job. Look forward to seeing more videos on other features.

  10. Is it possible that the virtual desktops could be used for gaming? can you run multiple games on one desktop with multiple users?

  11. Hello, thank u for this wonderful vid u made to educate me on my new laptop with windows 10. Just one question pls? E erythema I go into "e" internet explorer the bing search is there. How the hell do I get rid of that annoying search bar. I tried by turning cortina off but it's still there. Ur help will be greatly appreciated. TyDebi

  12. sir,

    Does it support pirated software ??

  13. thanks again great tips and well explained

  14. Am trying to get Microsoft to fix my computer.

  15. how do i access %appdata% roaming?

  16. Great video,very interesting …I had windows 10 never investigated the new applications because of some non running programs ,shame cause i had it for a few days  and liked the quick and easy way i could use it …But i would need to buy a lot of new compatible devices e.g a new …h.d web cam ,editing suit ,graphic's panel ..Hey but what a great video really well done folks …..

  17. How do you transfer your favorites from Win 7 to Win 10?

  18. How can you download Internet explora?

  19. what screenrecorder do you use?

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