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Windows 10 Quick Start Tutorial

Windows 10 operating system review tutorial (with subtitles captions). Overview, personalization, keyboard shortcuts, WIFI and more!
Quick and easy

Windows tutorial tutorial training easy shortcuts tips tricks introduction what’s new

close captioned for hearing impaired
lesson introduction for beginners
Windows 10 beginners guide
Windows 10 review

2 Comments on Windows 10 Quick Start Tutorial

  1. when I click on the windows start a full screen comes up with all the tiles on it then I have to click on the 4  little lines on the right bottom to  view the list on the right and the tiles boxes also at the top of the list it  always starts with  0 to 9  how do I change it so when I click  on the windows start it brings up the list and the tiles at the same time ?? also why is the 0 to 9 always at the top of the list ??

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