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Windows 10 – Screenshots – How To Take a Screenshot on PC Computer or in Laptop – Print Screen Shot

This tutorial shows you how to create a screenshot in Windows 10. I demo 3 different ways to capture an image that is currently displaying on your screen. 2 of the ways that I show you are keyboard shortcuts using the print screen button, and 1 way using the Snipping Tool. I then cover how to attach the image to another application so that you can send it later. This tutorial is intended for beginners to Windows 10, who want to know more about how to use their pc.

Here is a full list of…

28 Comments on Windows 10 – Screenshots – How To Take a Screenshot on PC Computer or in Laptop – Print Screen Shot

  1. thank you i have been trying to screen shot for a long time not knowing how. this really helped when i needed it the most

  2. Yay thank you, I been trying to take instant screenshots with my hp pavilion for ages, now I finally know so cheers

  3. Thanks you somuch

  4. Thank you, very helpful.

  5. Great explanations!

  6. many thanks, couldnt get the screen shot to work but the snipping tool did. No idea this existed on wiindows!

  7. Thank you so much. I was stuck and you helped me to proceed with my work. I really appreciate it. Thumbs up ????????????

  8. Perfect, Thank you

  9. At last someone who talks sense and give a great tutorial, many thanks for covering this topic and doing it ii such a great way. Wonderful tuition, thank you so much.

  10. Thanks, great information

  11. Thank you this has been a big help, keep the good work up

  12. Thank you, windows button worked for me.

  13. Thank you. Easy to follow, clear.

  14. thankyou so much it help alot

  15. Thanks mate. The snipping tool was the best option for me too.

  16. Great instruction

  17. Thank you very much, for the straightforward copy to Pictures folder.

  18. Best tutorial on PC screen shots EVER. Thank you!

  19. Hi Adam, Thank you for the teaching of the screenshot. I finally did it! Btw , What program did you use to do the video and be able to show us your screen . I am not tech person but I need this program and want to learn. Thank you so much!

  20. thanks best man you deserve 1000000m sub for this i was an idiot

  21. Holding the Windows button and pressing PrtSc to create an image file is just what I was looking for. Great when watching a learning video. You will have still shots to review whenever you want without having to search for a particular spot in the video again.

  22. Thanks was having problems

  23. That video helps me seriously !!!

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