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Windows 10 – Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana

Windows 10 – Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana

With Windows 10 we now have Cortana the personal assistant that can operate based on speech. Windows 10 also has a very rich and mature speech system which can be used to rapidly dictate to the computer to type letters, essays etcetera. Windows 10 speech can also be used to give verbal commands to your computer.

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36 Comments on Windows 10 – Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana

  1. I need to dictate in 2 languages: is there a solution on windows 10 to do this with 2 languages or do I need a second PCfor the second language? Thanks

  2. Having trained the software I don't know how to launch the it.

  3. my bullshit pc doesn't supports cortana what to do???

  4. how can i change language..other than english

  5. Good tutorial, very straight forward to set up.

  6. How did you get the program to open up as if you’ve never used it previously, like a fresh start?

  7. Can we dictate mathematical symbols, piers, suffixes etc

  8. Peter dictates to his computer,he perfers it typing particulary by pen and paper

  9. it cant hear the phrases … why

  10. U saved me, Thank you. I bought a new computer today with windows 10 and looks like I'll be able to use the internal dictation and Cortana instead of upgrading a questionably compatible dragon dictate.

  11. i cannot open speech recognition

  12. Great tutorial…..saved me a lot of time…..many thanks…..

  13. hey what to do if it does not listen my voice plzz help

  14. Thanks for the tutorial!

  15. The purple commercial was fantastic

  16. I found only the option to listen the narrator….

  17. The only think i found on my windows 10 was the voice read to me things and not the option to i write with my voice on de pc….

  18. how delete this

  19. I can't get the setup to work. I have tried two different mics and they both work when doing a voice recording and with Cortana; however, the setup wizard doesn't recognize my voice at all. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried everything online I could find but nothing worked.

  20. you are all over the place with windows 10

  21. i love pc and mac, but dam come on pc, mac makes the set up of this so 5 secs. and everything works. Microsoft! the will get there one day i guess.

  22. my computer recognizes my headset but not my voice. i read the sentence out loud and none of the green shows and it doesn't show that it can hear me. it says that it can't recognize my voice and my mic isn't muted please help

  23. THIS IS AN ISSUE for me, it doesnt recognize anything of my windows language settings

  24. Are you using Hyper V/ VMware and connecting to the host by RDP? I cringed with the 30 second load time for word. Due to my PCIe 4x SSD's, I boot into windows and launch word within 10 seconds of my post screen ending.

  25. THANKS you're the best u helped me increase my vid views and instead of listening to myself with my mic and being very shy cuz i could hear myself i am now gonna talk like im not talking to anyone or stuff and i dont have to be awkard

  26. First, I enjoyed you demonstration of speech recognition in Windows 10. I am a writer and I am very interested in doing voice dictation for my second book. I have a laptop and I'd like to use my smartphone as the microphone. How can I set it up to work with Windows 10 and the speech recognition tool? My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. Yes, it is Android 6.0

  27. MacOS works incredible well compared to this, sadly that's one of the features without I can't live in my workflow

  28. but I've found that Cortana is much more accurately and recognizing my voice than windows speech recognition software. Windows Speech Recognition is awfully bad.

  29. Thank you I had a difficult time something that showed how to actually set it up so I can use it with word.

  30. Hello, I am new to the voice It will not work, i have tired everything, I am wondering what i am doing wrong, I am in a Chat room, It does not come out full sentences it's only coming out letter by letter I dont understand why, I am using Windows 10…. I am not able to use my voice what can I do ? please help

  31. NOTE: You said that Dragon is more accurate in transcribing and you are correct and was never my intention to say differently in that respect. Also, you have some great advice and have helped me out a few times as well. Thank you!

  32. I have NEVER had to train the SR to understand me. I never use headset w/ mic either. Standard desktop mic or even webcam works great. I noticed that you didn't use SR to open the "WORD" application. Works better than Cortana with a much wider range of selections. I also use Cortana, just to be fair. Cyber Love. What can I say?

  33. Does not work as well as dragon. But I haven't tried dragon with windows 10 yet.

  34. I'vet rained the speech recognition software at least 6 times & it still doesn't recognize my voice. Do you know why it doesn't work?

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