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Windows 10 Tablet Mode in 2017 – Finally Perfect!

I show the Windows 10 Tablet mode on my Surface Pro 4, highlighting some of the recent changes that now allow you to use your Windows tablet like it was always meant to be used! It’s been a few years since Windows 10 was released, and we finally have a worthy tablet experience in 2017! Dust off Tablet Mode if you haven’t used it in a while and let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!

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24 Comments on Windows 10 Tablet Mode in 2017 – Finally Perfect!

  1. I thought that's basic laptop. But it's Surface Pro 4

  2. Nothing about windows 10 tablet is even remotely close to perfect…. 8.1 did tablet mode WAY better

  3. The only problem I have is the onscreen keyboard is still really bad on windows 10. I gave it a shot, the on screen keyboard either doesn’t pop up at all when I tab on a text box or it pops up for no particular reason.

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  6. I have fulscrean start minue in tablet mode and not wen in desktop mode. I togel on/off fulscrean in setings and it does nuthing in tablet mode. Is this normal ?

  7. This is not my experience of Tablet Mode on a Surface Pro 4 at all. It's still clunky, unresponsive, apps can get stuck behind the full screen start screen forcing you to end task them. Why do pop-ups in Edge open on the right side, it's meant to be useful but it's anything but because then the page you're reading gets stuck on the ride side and you can't quickly close the pop-up window because the cross hides so quickly. Pop-ups should appear in the centre so you can quickly close them. Why does the top bar auto hide? It's unresponsive to get the top bar to appear to press Back or the Cross. Sliding up to show the taskbar is unresponsive. The taskbar only has Back, Cortana and the Multitask buttons on it anyway because oddly the app shortcuts are hidden by default. Why?

    I now leave my Surface Pro in Desktop mode when using it as a tablet. It's much more responsive, you can minimize apps so they're out of the way, the start menu's live tiles are big enough. Annoyingly Office doesn't switch to Touch mode in Desktop mode, you have to manually switch it but it's not a big deal.

  8. It's not working in Acer Aspire 3… Is there anything I can do?

  9. Well, since Windows 10 Version 1803 came out, multitasking in Tablet Mode got ruined thanks to Timeline. It's not Timeline that sucks, it's the fact that Timeline's animations aren't fluid. They're so choppy, always dropping frames, and the swipe-from-left gesture doesn't make sense anymore.

  10. there are still many things very hard to click precisely using a finger touch, so still have to rely on mouse

  11. Hope you will review the just announced Surface Go, to debut 8/2/2018. I want to know if I can input changes to an Excel or Word file without the keyboard in tablet mode. If mouse is required, which mouse model is usable without sliding mouse around? I prefer using trackball mouse. If pen is required please tell me. Thanks.

  12. Tablet mode is shit

  13. ????????????????

  14. Win 10 is a pig on slower tablets.. I got a cheapo insignia 8 inch 2 gigs ram 4 cores and the touch screen is atrociously slow compared to what I am seeing in this video.. I was hoping there was a way to fix it but its just horrible..
    I also dislike win 10 for integrating a bunch of stuff like cortana and edge.. I can't seem to even turn these off so they are chewing up my precious 2 gigs of ram.. That pro 4 looks and runs pretty sweet though.. Sadly, a touch out of my price range since all I want is a media device for watching streams etc.. They really need a more stripped down version for these low spec tabs.

  15. Tablet mode has one fatal flaw – the onscreen keyboard is very inconsistent and downright broken in some apps like OneNote. Additionally, Microsoft could really put some effort into polishing up transitions and animations in Tablet Mode in particular. Still looks and feels too rough and janky a lot of the time.

  16. No, not for me. Maybe for smaller screens. But absolutely not for my 13 inch screen. By the way do I disable that annoying thing that automatically fits Windows to corners. Hate that so much. I just like to drag on Windows however and wherever I want without the system interfering.

  17. You call this perfect? Come on, mate, admit it, it's still a piece of sh**.

  18. Hello there I really appreciate your effort to show everything new of SP 4. Is it possible to make a video about the new Surface pro i7 2017 year?

  19. Do you use a screen protector? Also do you know if the screen protector affects the use of the surface pen?

  20. I've always been using Tablet mode (Continuum automatically switches the UI) since it became available with Windows 10, and till today, it still lives a lot to be desired IMO. Here are my reasons why (vote for the linked Feedback if you agree):

    1.) Can't split screen applications in portrait mode. Even Android Smartphones can do this ( | ).
    2.) Edge doesn't offer the same immersive fullscreen web browsing like IE 11 touch did on Windows 8.1.1 when in tabelt mode ( ).
    3.) No quick-switch between applications with 1 swipe in Tablet mode ( | ), I think Task View should only have replaced the swipe-in from left then back gesture, not slow down the app switching experience.
    4.) No quick gesture to switch between Tiles and the All Apps screen ( ), have to move your finger to a specific location on screen to toggle this back and fort.
    5.) File Explorer's ribbon doesn't enlarge when in Tablet mode ( ), similar to how Office 2016 applications do it.
    6.) Can't restore split-screen application couple after opening a full-screen application ( )
    7.) Can't select and organize multiple tiles at once on the Start screen ( ), organizing the start screen/menu has been a tedious process ever since I upgraded to Windows 10.

    Other than that, it's still very useable as a Tablet, just not the best experience I've ever got on a Tablet after experiencing Windows 8.1.1 on my Surface Pro 2.

  21. Windows 10 is so ugly????

  22. Windows 8.1 Pro is the best????????????????????

  23. I just hate tablet.. I still like laptop and 2in 1like surface 4 is not useful to me.. I mean it's cool but still not useful, to me for my daily life.. Atleast for a price they are selling it in market.. If you think it is useful, just tell me 20things which a common people do with 2in 1 tablets, for a PRICE which a common person pay to purchase this… 2in 1 laptops… It's my thought.. But surface 4is still a cool gadget… With a tag-Not value for money… Like surface laptop …

  24. Windows 10 tablet mode is better but still not Windows 8.1 better

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