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Windows 10 Tips and tricks Basic word processor to write letters and simple documents Wordpad

Looking for a simple word processor for free ? Wordpad is what you need and it is available in Windows 10

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38 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and tricks Basic word processor to write letters and simple documents Wordpad

  1. Hi there! Thanks a lot for this video!! Such a big help.

  2. Hi i really need help!! How can i make a seperation between the pages? i mean break a page and put numbers on the bottom right?!


  3. Please tell me how can We use or Run Microsoft Office from Word Pad forever.Thanks.We really like your latest knowledge of Word Pad.We always like Computer Knowledgeable things from your side.Thanks for your help.

  4. This was my Christmas present thanks very much I was looking for so long but this pufffffff was the best is crazy very easy .

  5. I was looking at the same thing wordpad last night thanks Gipper

  6. My son has a book report to type it on the computer and I am dumb as dirt when it comes to trying to figure that stuff out it takes me forever but how would I do that I need to help him he needs to type it out and I don't know how to f**** set this up please and thank you please

  7. Thanks alot :). Makes my life better

  8. thank you so much!!!!

  9. How do shrink everyone on 1 page I cant find the option to do it

  10. How can i use the formal editor or something like that ?

  11. How can I separate the papers ? please

  12. I need to know how to get text to begin and end on the left and right of the page. I see what looks like a ruler on top of the text area and it cuts off where the text goes appearing to start at 0 and 6. Well I want to use ALL of the space provided so it would I guess technically be from -1 to 7. Can't figure that out yet.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing I didn't know my computer have this.As you said simple but enough

  14. omg i couldnt use the tutorial on thx

  15. Ha! Thank you…spared me from having to ask my know it all kids and taking another step down on the tech ladder. Thanks again!

  16. Thanks for your help:):):):):):)

  17. My wife actually wrote all of her papers in WordPad back in college on her laptop and then added the additional formatting before printing the document on a campus PC. With Google Docs now being somewhat compatible with word/ schools offering Office 365 access this struggle is hopefully a thing of the past though. It was interesting watching her go to the print preview screen to see how many pages she was on.

  18. This video was a big help to me. I'm an older guy and a real Rookie on the computer. I had no idea how to find the blank pieces of paper and begin typing on it..So Thank you.

  19. Thank you that is so helpful.

  20. How do you create columns of text next to each other (like in a newspaper)? I did it but can't recall how to redo it with the text I've added in.

  21. Thanks… that's what I was looking for…

  22. Didn't need a book for dummies! lol

  23. Thank you for saving me from looking around for the basics. This video was perfect for me. ????

  24. Thanx for uploading this vidio.

  25. thank for you time i learn i lot with you video

  26. Thank You – I found it so easy after watching only the first 15 seconds of your video. New subscriber here!

  27. what about spell check??

  28. Your my hero! Saved the day and the budget. Easy to understand and follow.

  29. how to add spell check?

  30. can  you change the color of the text?

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