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Windows 10 tips and tricks How to Activate God Mode folder

How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10

copy and paste this name in a new folder name


13 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks How to Activate God Mode folder

  1. I copied everything as shown, but still nothing worked. I wonder if this only works for Insiders or Pro versions.

  2. Is there anyone having trouble creating a god mode video description doesn't included a dot

    This is the right string – GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

  3. I monkeyed around and around. Made folders in documents wouldn't work.  Made a folder on desktop, inserted  GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-9971204­3E01C} and it worked.  Thank you.

  4. I've entered the characters exactly from the string I posted in the description and it works perfectly …  nothing to correct here for me

  5. Finally got it to work….when you look at the string you supplied there is only 4 dashes. But when I copy your string of data and paste it into a word document an extra dash appears between the 4 and 3 in the last string of data. It appears like this, "99712043E01C" but when I paste it, it appears with a dash 9971204-­3E01C. I took the dash out and it worked.

  6. nope no luck with me

  7. It doesn't work for me either.

  8. The character string as printed above does not work. Please correct it. I've tried it several times, exactly as written. Not sure why. The characters compare to what you have at video point 1:21, but what you have posted below the video does not work.

  9. It doesn't seem to work from me.

  10. It doesn't seem to work from me.

  11. Godmode folder has always been useful to me right from the early Windows 7 days . There are certain tweaks etc. you can't do with it , but what you can do within that folder is almost anything . It's especially useful if you don't know where to look for certain tweaks/settings etc , as it's all in there for most users. Keep up the great work Gilles , hope you had a good weekend . : Thumbs up 🙂

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