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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: How to Create Custom Live Tiles

This Windows 10 Tips and Tricks tutorial will teach you how to create custom Live Tiles in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is known for it’s Live Tile Start Menu, but there’s not much support from Win32 app developers from beautiful Live Tiles. Fortunately, this Windows 10 tips and tricks tutorial will show you how to create and use your own.

Find the custom Live Tiles here:

13 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: How to Create Custom Live Tiles

  1. Tile Creator and its Proxy seem to have been removed from the MS Store.

  2. These are just custom tile icons, not actual live tiles. A live tile displays dynamic information tied to the app. This title is really misleading and should be changed to something like: "How to create custom tiles".

  3. The software removed from Windows Store for privacy reasons

  4. What is the point in this? If it does not actually open the app and opens a proxy will it not take longer?

  5. and if i unistall the program, what happens to the pinned programs?

  6. where did you find the white "file explorer" icon? (the one on your taskbar)
    i want the same!

  7. Windows 10 tile creator and the proxy app is a TOTAL crap nothing like oblytile like windows 8 .Tile Creator and Proxy are s so difficult to use actually they don't work for me 🙁

  8. How did you get the Microsoft edge and folder icon to be white?

  9. Lane, I see something that peeks my interest. I notice that you have several icons (File Explorer) in your taskbar and start menu that are not present in Windows 10. How did you do that? I like them a lot, and would love to have them too.

  10. ive used this system and found it rubbish. Applications sometimes would not launch and when they did they would open up tile creator for about 3 seconds and then the application would start.
    the tiles look good but the functionality of it is unreliable

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