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Windows 10 Tips and tricks How to get a performance report from your computer

You can easily get a performance report from the Performance monitor in Windows, simply follow these instructions . command live is perfmon /report

8 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and tricks How to get a performance report from your computer

  1. An error occured while attempting to generate the report.

  2. I have warnings saying that my CPU, Gaming Graphics, Graphic rating, Disk, Memory has very poor performance and may be the cause for performance issues. I do get very bad stutter in games too.

    I76700k 4.0ghz, 16GBram 2400hz, Samsung p51 SSD, Z170-e mobo, 1080gtx kfa2 exoc. Just dont no what to do.

  3. Yeah well when I run perfmon /report in the admin cmd prompt just stays at collecting data for 60 seconds….for ever…..tho it does not stop responding it just wont report…

  4. thanks for this , this will really help diagnose my problems with windows 10 , as now microsoft charge people now or want you to take out a subscription if your problem with windows 10 get too complicated

  5. My 1st report had red in it.. ( system service Failed ).. so I started to clean up my P C.. used adwCleaner and JRD.exc and they found some things wrong in my PC.. and then I ran it again and got a good report..???????? .. Thanks for all your help..

  6. This is another cool tip! Thanks!
    But I've noticed that error you got is very common problem among users going back to Windows 7. I've seen some users with lost events as high as 64%. I've done a lot of searching, but I have yet to find information on how to change the ETW buffers and buffer size. Microsoft marks user questions as answered, but they have yet to actually answer questions regarding this topic.

    "Severity: Informational
    Symptom: Missing Events in Event Log
    Details: Investigate why 12% (2,215) events were lost during data collection. The settings for Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) maximum buffers and buffer size may not be optimal depending on which data sets are being collected.

  7. Gille I dread to think what my report would be so I'm not looking lol 🙂 Great thing to be able to do but I don't think I'd understand it properly. Unfortunately I'm not Cortana 🙂

  8. Got it, Tried it, Like it, Domo Arigatogozaimashita Mon Amie.

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