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17 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks How to set a desktop wallpaper background slideshow

  1. my pictures wont change

  2. who else got inspired to make one of these from watching Need For Speed the movie?

  3. Wtf when i save a pictture and go there i dont see them in any map

  4. i wish you could change the pic every 10-15 seconds or so…

  5. hi
    where did you get the second picture in your slide , looks awesome

  6. that helps thank god

  7. is there any way or app that can tell me from wich file the current picture is taken from in some way ?

  8. thank yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu????????????????????????

  9. how do you change picture every 10 sec like in winows 8.

  10. How about how to fix the power problem on both my computers? They wont sleep (wake up on their own) and even on power shut down they drain the battery?? Thanks Steve Balmer . I know, release it anyway so you can buy that new yacht. Will you EVER get it right?

  11. Could you tell us the title of your linux videos channel? (You mentioned you had one in one of your live broadcasts.)

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