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Windows 10 Tips and tricks – Mouse/touchpad scroll reversing Full HD

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28 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and tricks – Mouse/touchpad scroll reversing Full HD

  1. I #ucking HATE MicroShaft WinBlows!! Going back to LinuxMint.

  2. I dont get why microsoft thought this was a good idea and then make it hard to find how to make it normal again

  3. omg thanks soo much

  4. Thanks a lot. Perfect. I regularly use macOS and windows. Mouse uniformity is nice.

  5. you solved it, thank you!!

  6. You are the man!!!!! Thx.

  7. I don't have a tab that says device settings any help for that?

  8. thank you – best advice I have found today and it worked!

  9. i dont have that option

  10. Thank you! this helped me.

  11. I know this is an old video but i cant find any help anywhere. For some reason my mouse pointer is moving in opposite directions that i intend. But whats weirder is that it actually fixed itself at one point. I went away for a weekend and came back to find it working again. And then i turned off my computer, the next i went on my computer again and it was all opposites again.

  12. Thank you so much. What is really disturbing is how Microsoft is so unfriendly to the millions of their customers, who having bought a new computer with Windows, find this completely counter-intuitive 'reverse direction' as they try and scroll using the touchpad. Then they spend hours trying to find a way to reverse the reversal and only find out through this video that Microsoft has gone to considerable lengths to hide how to do this. Is it a fascist impulse from anal programmers who insist that their new way is better no matter that the user feels otherwise? Certainly it makes you mad at them and what have they gained by it?

  13. I am using a macbook pro and have no option in mouse settings, nor do i have device tab. Its not in bootcamp control panel either. This makes me sad lol

  14. This is amazing thanks a lot

  15. what do I do if i have specific mouse settings from a razer blade?

  16. fucking A man thanks

  17. The device settings arn't there for me, it's just buttons to hardware.

  18. dosent work for wirless mouse

  19. Thank you! I've read through like six sites offering solutions and this is the only one that works

  20. Thank you so much, I had been looking for the option under where it says scrolling not the MultiFinger scrolling.

  21. this only is helpful if you have that driver! This option doesn't exist on my ASUS

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