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5 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and tricks Multimedia players for Windows Daum Pot Player and VLC Player

  1. If you forgot to check to install additional codex with PotPlayer do you know how you could have it update and install them without uninstalling and reinstalling?

  2. Thanks for this vid! Can you please tell me how to add movie title and time stamp to the top left of the player? I had it set up but after the update it's not there anymore and I can't find it 🙁

  3. Use to use VLC since I got my first ever computer and it worked well. Then I heard of Potplayer and haven't looked back. PotPlayer needs some more love in my opinion!

  4. never heard of pot player looks a bit like km player with vlc player not always good picture doesnt safe equalizer setting mostly km player and gom player both are free i am careful looking online for players though some are tricky can give nasty virus saying you need to download codec to play this file and when do virus still waiting on google plus hoping in few days i can change name 80 days not normal

  5. I have been using pot player for some. It is a great player!!

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