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Windows 10 tips and tricks What does reset this PC do exactly

Quick look at what the Windows 10 Reset option does and no you do not go back to the old OS

21 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks What does reset this PC do exactly

  1. Hello, If I remove everything will I lose my drivers like Nvidia version and will I also lose my os version?

  2. If i remove everything does that remove apo store and google?

  3. Means sir when I click on delete everything my drives also be formatted or only local diskc

  4. What if I have hardware in the pc that wasnt installed when i got the pc?
    will it automatically read it and not change my software for my hardware or is it going to recognize the hardware that originally came with the pc

  5. shall i lost my all drivers

  6. hello sir ….i have Windows 10 by default …but installed MS Office 2016 resetting pc with keep my files option will also remove my MS office? plz help…

  7. I want to updates and security > Reset this pc > Keep my files > And then when I tryed to re set up the computer a blue screen came on that said something went wrong please help check out my latest video for it

  8. I have audio problem will resetting pc help?

  9. hi, i'm having problem with my pc, i have "graphical device error 43" and i don't know how to get rid of it i have windows 10, will reseting my pc get rid of that problem?

  10. So again for dummies^^ When I choose "keep files" does it delete everything but the content of my "My Documents" folder or does it keep photos etc all over my hard drives?
    Do I have to copy all files I want to keep to the "my documents " folder?

  11. Thanks man for the simple explaination 😀

  12. I dont know if you are familiar with the application steam. But if I reset my pc using the 'keep my files' option will I have to download the games again? I know i will use the app which is not a concern for me. But will i have to download the games again? Thanks

  13. if i reset my pc will i need a windows cd and key to install windows again or do i not need it?

  14. mine got stuck at 1% for 2 hours what do I do?

  15. Will the 'keep my files' option removes my games installed

  16. Question here. Will this remove driver softwares as well? If so how to reinstall them? I didnt get any driver CDs when purchasing my laptop. There are some programs I like installed from the manufacturer (ASUS). Will they automatically update from a windows update?

  17. Sir…. I just wanna know tht… If i have installed my windows on a particular drive.. And performe full rest… Are my other drives gonna effect?

  18. What about the f12 troubleshoot menu? Does reset do it for the previous version of Windows? What about refresh? Thanks 😀

  19. i have an fx 6300 and for some reason my last 2 cores are always parked even in under heavy load wanted to know if in win 10 there an option for turning this off i did not notice if before i upgraded if this was all ready happening

  20. Great video . Keep up the great work .

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