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Windows 10 Tips, Tricks, and More!

File Explorer
enable side panel
and this pc on startup
pin network folders to quick launch
disable onedrive if you dont use it

Hard Drive
clean disk and old os’s
uninstall all unneeded metro apps or app installers

hide cortana serch if you dont have a mic

edit background apps under privacy
turn off anything you dont use or arnt capable of using
change storage location under system and storage
set default programs
taskbar icons under system and…

13 Comments on Windows 10 Tips, Tricks, and More!

  1. I finally found out a working Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool v5 Sep 2015, very easy use. << >>

  2. if you have a cam with mic Cortana will work

  3. Thanks for the information it really helped me a lot

  4. Great video, helped a lot. Thank you!

  5. This was so great and so thorough. Great job!!! Thank you for a wonderful tech tip presentation. 🙂 :-)

  6. good job done.
    – via YouPak(.com)

  7. Nice informative video! Which Samsung SSD do you have? I heard some Samsung SSD's have issues with Windows 10

  8. Thanks! PC boots up a lot faster now and Windows 8.1 was crap anyways. Yay for Windows 10 lol


  10. Thank You very much. It was nice and helpful. I just install the windows the day before yesterday. Your video will help me a lot.

    Thanks once again  :)

  11. Can please share this wallpaper i would love that or link where i can get i have notice you're having some cool wall in your videos thanks

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