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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks – How To Enable / Disable HIDDEN ADMINISTRATOR Account

In this video you will learn how to enable or disable hidden administrator account in windows 10 operating system.

Apart from your user account, windows 10 also creates a hidden admin account. Here you will learn about it.

12 Comments on Windows 10 Tips & Tricks – How To Enable / Disable HIDDEN ADMINISTRATOR Account

  1. thank you… sir ????‍♂️????????????????????

  2. What do you mean by hidden? #how to delet my administrator windows account which i deleted before signing out from windows? That's my question ..

  3. It is not working and it is displaying "System error 5 has occurred.

    Access is denied"

  4. Thank you. Are you familiar with a virus or malware that is called .Uno and .Minx. I am desperate to get rid of this. Malware Bytes Pro and all antivirus programs won’t find it or get rid of it. Please help if you can, thank you-Shane
    People never download a file that says Logic Pro X for Windows from PB. It’s a major virus/malware no one knows about.

  5. very problem to to accoun and admin… account not delete but your video see and work 8 hors try very very thankyou so muck and outer one problem for windows 10 1709 update problem for try 65 and faild 99%udate dounloding and cancel andretatrt dounloding

  6. I have a forgotten password on the admin account. When I did this I got an "Access is denied" Any thoughts? I cant install printer drivers, delete programs and other stuff i need to do


  8. Thank you so much!! it help me alot!!

  9. Thank you, anil sir. You helped me tremendously with programming.

  10. i tried this and it didn't work…… ?

  11. what is different in that administrator account and our regular account

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