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Windows 10 touchpad gestures

Windows 10 has touchpad gestures that everyone should know. We’ll show you how the gestures work on a Surface Pro 3.

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31 Comments on Windows 10 touchpad gestures

  1. Can you scrub through videos smoothly like on macs yet?

  2. Is this trackpad as good as in the Macbooks?

  3. how do i turn them of?! especially the search one, it pops up all the time when i dont need it

  4. What about drag and drop a desktop icon or windows explorer file? Double-tapping on them will open them.

  5. I heard that the Precision Touchpad is for modern laptops, but some how I have a 7-year-old laptop that some how supports it…

  6. Sir can u tell me..??
    to get this feature will I have to download synaptic driver

  7. But no middle click? :/

  8. Four fingers open ups action centre haha u forgot…

  9. Have any recommendations for a smart trackpad to use on my desktop Windows 10 machine?

  10. When I swipe down with 3 fingers, it opens the settings window instead of going to desktop.

  11. it it applicable for all laptops running on windows 10

  12. swiping 4 fingers left or right to switch desktops ..

  13. nice thanks for your tips

  14. why does the three finger gesture doesn't work now in my laptop?
    it used to work when i brought it, now it doesn't.
    any thing wrong with my laptop touch pad ?

  15. why can't I scroll with two fingers or zoom in or out on my touchpad anymore?

  16. how do you get back to previous screen? im tired of having to scroll up to the back arrow

  17. touching with 4 finger open action open notification bar

  18. i've same things but in my laptop's pad ts look like for five finger

  19. all the gestures after 0:38 didint work for me

  20. very useful thanks!

  21. Thank you so much for video!!

  22. 3 fingers soft tap on the touch pad open up the cortana search.
    but 2 finger soft tap suppose to be right click, but it didnt work for me?
    anyone can help?

    I am using Lenovo U31 laptop btw.

    I really want to use that 2 fingers soft touch as right click as i think the physical right click on the touchpad can spoil the key in long term and annoying (as there is a clicking sound)

    Thank you.

  23. this gestures does not work for me on fujitsu u 772 , running win 10 ? why is that

  24. how to i click the middle mouse button

  25. how to disable these gestures plz respond i cant even use my computer because of there plz respond

  26. this shit doesn't work , all 3 fingers does is bring up cortana

  27. What's the support for multiple desktops? OSX has a very nice 3-finger swipe from desktop to desktop.

    Most gestures are customisable too.

    Unfortunately, apart from a few other good features, general Mission Control usage on multiple desktops is poor.

    I actually really want to come back to Windows, but I'm not sure if they've nailed this yet; they just seemed to have made a somewhat limited, unimaginative copy of only a part of Mission Control.

  28. Hey. in Windows 8.1 when I was press three fingers left or right, it would go from one page to another forward or backward (like if i was in your video and i want to go back to the Previous video) so in windows 10 It is not possible?

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