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Windows 10 Touchscreen Tips for Surface and Tablet Users : Gestures, Swipes, Touch and More!

Want to swipe between desktops? Want to swipe to hide the taskbar or change brightness? Check out my video for an awesome collection of touchscreen tips for Windows 10!

In this video, I show how to make the most of Windows 10 touch features, tablet mode, and also a nifty tool called TouchMe Gesture Studio. I show how I to set your start to full screen, swipe between desktops, change brightness with a gesture, open Cortana, hide the taskbar, activate the share menu, and much more….

32 Comments on Windows 10 Touchscreen Tips for Surface and Tablet Users : Gestures, Swipes, Touch and More!

  1. @Sean Ong: Are you a Christian? I spotted popular worship music at around 4:56 😉

  2. What's that calculator on your tablet called ?

  3. Benjamin Guys Got Product Key from website: *Xuesoftware . com*, recommend it

  4. Rae Try website Xuesoftware . Com . 100% genuine and shipping quickly. Nice

  5. Just got my surface Go this video was helpful! Thanks

  6. Someone have this app TouchMe Cracked?

  7. hi how to get side by side scrolling for tablet mode instead of the vertical scrolling (as shown at 0:01)?

  8. Awesome video! Thanks so mich

  9. 1:05 Swiping up doesn’t display my apps vertically. Anyone knows a fix?

  10. Does the multiple desktop thing take alot if ram

  11. JUST STOP …… Just…. JUST STOP

  12. Hi Sean, Gestures and Swipes are great to use, but what do you think about Swipes Alternative i mean Costimize-able Tool Buttons on Toolbars, i think together with Gestures and Swipes it will give you more options to do Keyboard Shortcuts Movements on Surface or Windows Tablets.

  13. My table is like a computer there was a add in you i accidentally touch idk how to get ride of it and i dont know how to do that

  14. Can it runs exe files?

  15. This app sucks. The 2-finger swipe for the screen does not work at all. It is also incapable of mapping ordinary scroll functionality for a program that does not support touchscreen scrolling natively, like LibreOffice or OpenOffice. That should have been the easiest, and this is how low they fail.

  16. ctrl+alt+f= a video named: fuck this shit I'm out 10 hours

  17. Realy totchme is rated m

  18. I can install a graphic tablet on this windows tab?

  19. Hello,
    I have a little problem. If I use it, the tastatur won´t work on windows mode. Can you help me pls?

  20. How do you display the calculator on your screen?

  21. What cpu does your Surface Pro have and how much memory?

  22. Tried this and it does not work for me.
    There should be a fix to make the keyboard F1 + F2 buttons control screen brightness. What I do is:
    Click on the battery level icon in the taskbar, thus displaying the brightness % then click that to change brightness (This work In Windows 10 on Laptops & PC's too).

  23. hey great video dude,,, some fantastic tips there thank you

  24. Just got a new SP4 and your video added 50% more value to it. Thank you so much.

  25. Multiple desktop copied from apple – OS X.

  26. What tablet is this?

  27. hey Sean,
    tanks for the video. i want to have die control, shift and alt key on screen and work with a pencil at the same time, to drag objects in different programms. is that possible?

  28. I know that you can get solutions for that on inplix website. just google 'inplix' :)))

  29. can you use a pencil, stylus on it to draw?

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