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Windows 10 Tutorial (Beginners Guide)

This Windows 10 Tutorial will walk you through using Windows 10. Whether you’re just starting to use Windows 10 because you’ve come from Mac or a previous version of Windows, you’ll understand the basics after watching this in-depth tutorial.

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17 Comments on Windows 10 Tutorial (Beginners Guide)

  1. You are not making it simple to understand you’re simply showing that you know how to use it. Pathetic Geek!

  2. Are you In Logang?? Cause I think You are a Maverick.. ✌

  3. I have activated my windows 10 from , it helped me a lot and hope can help you with your windows too.

  4. Can you link your wallpaper?

  5. i have installed windows 10 in mac . i dont have wifi option and some other options in it..installed windows 10 is up to 4gb

  6. I really Thanks a lot from heart for Update Solution Thanks

  7. What a load of unnecessary confusing options…presumably to keep nerds occupied as they've nothing better to do with their time.  And when it comes to explaining to someone who just needs the basics …whoa …give time for looking round the screen to see where we're supposed to be looking.  Thank God for pencil and paper.

  8. In the mail a windows 10 pc is coming by friday

  9. How do I get to Bookmarks? I used to have Windows 7 and loved it, now Windows upgraded my pc to Windows 10 and now I don't know where anything is at and its slow

  10. your videos helped me a lot bro

  11. when I click on the windows start a full screen comes up with all the tiles on it then I have to click on the 4  little lines on the right bottom to  view the list on the right and the tiles boxes also at the top of the list it  always starts with  0 to 9  how do I change it so when I click  on the windows start it brings up the list and the tiles at the same time ?? also why is the 0 to 9 always at the top of the list ??

  12. what is your wallpaper

  13. Thank you for this!!

  14. You talk about can change windows and sizes…HOW ?  If you are telling us what it can do, tell us HOW TO??

  15. another good day.

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