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Windows 10 tutorial: Check if the October 2018 Update, version 1809, installed your PC

Windows 10 tutorial (beginners): Steps to check if version 1809, October 2018 Update, is installed on your PC.
**important: These steps are meant to help you after the new version of Windows 10 is officially available sometime in October 2 or 9 2018.

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13 Comments on Windows 10 tutorial: Check if the October 2018 Update, version 1809, installed your PC

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  2. when will i receive this update automatically?what are the criteria to qualify for this update?i m running 1803(17134.165) but haven't got it yet…do i need to update any software before receiving this update?

  3. So tire of MS blunders!!! This update refuses to let me change page file to a different drive. Only time will show what else they blundered!

  4. thank God I am on 1803

  5. How did you get the start menu black

  6. Guys Believe me (Download and install new windows 10 1803 Ultra Slim Build (2GB ISO) Game play is Smooth as hell windows 10 bootup speed 18 sec Pure Black theme with Blue Icon) ( If you want to try i can make a video windows 10 lite with full pure black theme) Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Permanent Activation Updates (July 2018) UxTheme Patch Icons Added to Desktop Browser Download Not Removed Adobe Flash For Windows Windows Photo Viewer Windows System Restore Removed Windows Search Windows Store Client Windows Media Player Store Store Purchase App Desktop App Installer Windows Desktop File Explorer App Ribon Alarms & Clock Calculator Calendar & M_ail Camera Print 3D Photos Skype Solitaire Collection Sticky Notes Feedback Hub Films & TV Tips Voice Recorder Get Help Groove Music Wallet Weather Maps Messaging Web Media Extensions Xbox Mixed Reality Viewer Mobile Plans My Office OneNote Paint 3D People Microsoft Connect App Microsoft OneDrive Desktop Client Microsoft Skype ORTC Windows Content Delivery Manager Windows Desktop File Explorer App Windows Embedded Features Windows Home Group Windows Quick Assist App Windows Take Test App Microsoft Edge Browser App Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Internet Explorer UI Windows Cortana & StartMenu Search App Microsoft Telemetry Windows Manual Setup Feature Windows Defender Windows People Experience Host Windows SmartScreen Tweaks Disabled Cortana App Windows Update is Disabled Hide Taskbar TaskView Icon Disable Automatic Driver Updates through Windows Update Disable Automatic Downloading and Installing 3rd Party Apps Force .NET Programs to Use Newest .NET Framework Enable and Set Windows Photo Viewer As Default Viewer Enable Fraunhofer MP3 Professional Codec Enable DISM Image Cleanup with Full ResetBase

  7. Is 17763.1 the official RTM for october 2018 update? coz when I checked for updates, it does download the same build with insider preview tag

  8. I can't wait to update my computer till October

  9. 1809 is full of bugs. windows spotlight backgrounnd in lockscreen not getting any new wallpaper, action center not sholwing notifications, and some bluetooth speakers are not ble to control volume.

  10. please upload the Microsoft oct 2nd event as soon as you can after the event!

  11. I searched for "winver" and am told "Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.165)" However, as everything is working fine (including Paint and Snipping Tool), I'd prefer no updates except for security and for fixing poor MS software. But, hey, that's just me, I'm sure Microsoft know so much better what I need and like than I do… /sarc They'll do what they want and only rarely warn me what they plan to do anyhow.

  12. should we update now or wait for official release?

  13. How do I install. Netframe 3.5 in windows 10 build 1809

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