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Windows 10 tutorial: Check if version 1803, April 2018 Update, is installed on your PC

Windows 10 tutorial (beginners): Steps to check if version 1803, April 2018 Update, is installed on your PC.
**important: These steps are meant to help you after the new version of Windows 10 is officially available sometime in April 2018.

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21 Comments on Windows 10 tutorial: Check if version 1803, April 2018 Update, is installed on your PC

  1. how to get creators update without. any data loss.

  2. Will you still get updates if you installed Windows 10 1803?

  3. What is that fan noise ?

  4. Update April 14, 2018: Microsoft no longer considers build 17133 as the final version, release date now is unclear ➤

  5. When will it be released to the public since it has been postponed ??

  6. Sigh! I'm still on Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.371). It doesn't seem to matter that earlier this week MS interrupted everything to load and install updates, but I suspect they think we're all suckers anyhow… and maybe I'm safe because my computer (like many others?) is lagging behind… not worrying about errors in updated software!

  7. How you get the stable version of windows 10 version1803?

  8. When will the official update will rollout?

  9. Hey bro, can you share that wallpaper? Please.

  10. Recently you are uploading misleading videos.

  11. ya can cheek that faster, press windows key + r and type winver and press enter

  12. Microsoft has delayed the springs creator update due to a dumb bug…

  13. I always look at the UI to look for the latest version.

    Like this:
    Windows 8: Start Screen
    Windows 8.1: Start Button is back
    Window 10 : New Start Menu
    Win. 10 Nov. Update: IDK
    Win. 10. Ann. Update: New Action Center Icon
    Win. 10 Cre. Update: IDK
    Win. 10 Fall Cre. Update: IDK
    Win. 10 Spring Cre. Update: New Task View Icon

  14. How can we have 1803 when the update isn’t officially released yet?

  15. How do i update to 1803?

  16. … or winver.. ???? “ Thanks for sharing the videos.. ????????

  17. I want this background please ????????

  18. Haha, you do realise that if someone knows how to run the command line they would be so advances in tech that the'd hardly need to check or need to know how to check their OS version.

  19. Thanks for the video

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