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Windows 10 tutorial: Upgrade to April 2018 Update, 1803, Assistant tool

These are the steps to upgrade to Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, using the Update Assistant tool.
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Download Windows 10 Assistant tool here:

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35 Comments on Windows 10 tutorial: Upgrade to April 2018 Update, 1803, Assistant tool

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  2. Plz tell me how much data needed to windows 10 latest update

  3. Hey, my PC updates it to 100% and then verify but after verifications once again update is started.what should I do?

  4. i,m so sad my laptop turn off in 99% then i restart my laptop its roll back all data its start 0%

  5. will it remove previously installed third party apps from windows 10?

  6. does this work for windows 10 home?

  7. How much data it cost.Means how many GB of data

  8. Update assistant keeps installing itself on my computer and adding that logo to my desktop. Is Microsoft really forcing this on us? Is there a way to verify that it's legitimate? If it's legitimate then I need a new OS because downloading and installing something on my computer without permission is too much like a virus, even if the source is Microsoft. Even a virus has the sense not to add a shortcut to the desktop for an unsolicited application.

  9. I am very glad to this video good job bro

  10. Downloads quickly but takes HOURS on “Getting your update ready – updating Windows 10”.
    Seriously every hour it goes up by 1 percent, and this is on a PC with good specs and fast internet.
    So sick of this rubbish, might just switch to Linux for the sake of my own sanity.

  11. Is this work for a crack version can still update?

  12. What is the size of update ? ….. Updating from 1709 to 1809 ? Plz reply

  13. Hello Mario,
    Have you have a chance to test that upgrade using a script instead?

  14. After download the window 10 sing out the pc and sing in after 30 min ?

  15. a lot of junk nobody needs , what a surprise
    the first 10/15 minutes i had to reset my settings from almost all programs , well done
    windows media player doesn't have an option for ''always on top''
    soundcard didn't work anymore , had to figure out what the problem with that was , been busy for 2 f*ckin hours to get my pc back to normal
    i wish they would stop forcing updates , i turned everything off and still i get this crap as a normal update… ? wtf microjunk keep your paws of my pc , d*ckheads !

  16. Will it delete our data?

  17. does this work for windows 10 enterprise (build 1709)?

  18. This the Link that Microsoft Put out you should Known this –

  19. After ????% download complete.It suddenly starts from 1% please give me some answer

  20. Another crappy update with useless features. Well if I can think of it, it does have no features at all.

  21. After I update does delete everything? I hope not. Like favorites or bookmarks.

  22. whats the size of the update?

  23. I updated and it works well ????

  24. please tell the size of update….!!!

  25. After the Spring Update, my PC is a little sluggish, for e.g. ”when I close a pdf file, it gets stuck for a couple of seconds, in the background, usually, most of the programmes I close are closing like I have a Pentium 4 CPU. Edge is running slower, I usually use it for battery life. My laptop has an i7 8550u and MX150 4 GB, 258 GB SSD … so I don't believe it's my system… in case this is read by someone at Microsoft, also posted on their website…

  26. Well i installed the update to Windows 10 Pro 1803 But I Dl to a usb to save it to another computer instead of the Update at the top – But when I tryed to Install It it Took over 1 and half Hr's to Install in on my Labtop
    But No features like the windows beta tester's where showing us .
    But I got rid of my Cortana finnaly got it to Disable after the 1703-to-1709 Ver's lol

    In you're c: or where ever you Installed you're windows 10 Home pro 1709-1803

    example : c:windows Create a folder called SystemApps.bak

    In Systemsapps : Take the Folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy
    Move it all over to SystemsApps.bak

    that's it.

    Restart You're Computer wait till you're desktop to Fully Load UP -Before you Touch Anything when it stop's Loading –
    Open you're Start menu GO Down you're List and if you Don't See CORTANA there it's "GONE"

    Also you can Check Ctrl-Alt-Del wait till it Open's go down the lost If Cortana Doesn't Pop Up It's "GONE"

    Microsoft Fed us Lot Of BS saying if we tryed to Hack it Or Move it cause the system alot of Problem's now that- that's Gone My system start up is alot faster and my computer not freezing up all the time CORTANA

    CORTANA'S A HOGG RESORCE LIKE NORTON WAS And it was proven Now we're gonna be filing a complaint with Microsoft for lying about some we don't need on our system's ….

    Next To Is XBox' I Don't Play Game's as Soon As I Find The Full Directory It's Gonna be the same for it And Any other Program I Don't USe I don't sue defender I use My Antivirus Software I Pay For and works well doesn't give me false Pos on my system as Windows Defender Did.

    You're Welcome 'Tim' save the Instruction's in case it ever comes up …..
    up again.

  27. After installation and logging into the user account; it said "We've got some updates for your PC".
    At this point do we need to be connected to a network? Or we just need connected before PC restarts?

  28. my windows update failing due to this Error 0x80070017. so what should I do for that ?
    Thank You

  29. Mine updated with no problems.

  30. Anyone else think that cloud says 95?

  31. A cannot get the update as I got Windows 10 ltsb lol!

  32. April 2018 Update, 1803 (AKA Windows 11)

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