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32 Comments on Windows 10 upgrade tip and tricks to do before you upgrade

  1. I have totally 3gb data on my pc it’s Windows 7 Ultimate
    I don’t want anything to go when I upgrade to windows 10
    What shall I do?

    If I select keep everything does everything stay?
    I have many Microsoft softwares

  2. Are my files safe it just randomly upgraded my pc

  3. If I upgrade, will it delete all my files from windows 8?

  4. A whole new install are you kidding me? I am a gamer and i got 100+ games including GTA 5, Witcher 3, COD AW, Far Cry 4 and what not there is noway i am installing all of those again after installing win 10, its gonna take ages GTA 5 alone is like 60 gigs.

  5. Upgraded from Windows 7 on a ASUS Eee PC. Lost my Hotkeys, so couldn't enable the wifi, only had Ethernet connection which isn't helpful, since I use it when I travel. Really slowed the computer down, and quite frankly wasn't worth upgrading to, given what I use it for. Problems really began when I tried to rollback to Windows 7. Took me 2 days to get the PC working properly again. Upgraded my Mac many times, and never had a problem, but Windows always causes me problems, which if I weren't computer savvy, would have cost me a fortune to have fixed. Bad enough I've wasted so much time on it.

  6. Thinking about doing the clean update.  How do you do that?  Does it give you a choice between just updating without removing and updating clean?

  7. I thought have to upgrade first before clean install

  8. and … if like with windows 8 you dont like it how do you go back?

  9. Can windows 10 be installed on a windows 8 device, or do I have to get windows 8.1?

  10. Good day I have a question for you. On a clean/fresh install, will I have to insert a product key? If so where would I get one?

  11. Can you help me please ? I cant play game installed

  12. i'm to lazy to wipe it and do a fresh install i did the upgrade over my win 7 🙂

  13. I  got  it  on  my  asus  pc  and  I  love  it  not  bad  update or  upgrade

  14. Don't be surprised when a lot of your programs will not run on Windows 10. For me, I am NOT upgrading.

  15. Caution! Caution! For those who are interested. On Windows 10 you will lose Windows Media Center…

  16. if i put my files in Google Drive will they still  be deleted when finished upgradeing???

  17. Hi mate great video as all ways.

  18. can u use viber & imo ( anaroid apps ) in windows 10 desktop

  19. WINDOWS WILL NOT AUTHENTICATE IF YOU CLEAN INSTALL. You have to upgrade from windows 7 or 8, authenticate and windows registers a hardware ID. Then you can format and clean install, skip authentication during install and it will automatically authenticate when you get connected tot he internet. Windows upgrade is broken, useless garbage. All it does is cram windows 10 over top of windows 8. Takes up 45gb instead of 20gb and had more conflicting problems then I have ever seen. It barely runs. I digress.
    Update with windows media creation tool from their website.
    Connect to the internet and make sure it authenticates.
    Back to the media creation tool, clean install.
    Format, install, authenticate.
    Keep all hardware installed during this process or it will fuck the hardware ID authentication.
    Good luck finding drivers lol.

  20. Something happened….

  21. I have genuine Windows 8.1 dual booted with Ubuntu 14.04.
    Since I've installed Ubuntu, The bottom-right corner of Windows home-screen  shows "Windows 8.1 Single LanguagenSecureBoot isn't configured correctlynBuild 9600".
    And also important windows update could never be downloaded as it shows some errors everytime, even after troubleshooting. If there is any solution for this, please help..
    If somehow I manage to upgrade to Windows 10, will the grub be affected?

  22. When you upgrade and choose to keep nothing, it will only remove the files on the C: drive, right? It will not mess with my other partitions?

  23. Clone your Win8/8.1 or Win7 before you upgrade or clean install Win10. If you do not like WIn10, you can go back to your old Windows by using the clone.

  24. Im now sat on 31st of July and pressing – on Windows Update to get my new Windows – 10 O-S ,then noticed in Updates every day and it's all Essentials Updates but Windows – 10 -Failed . Sitting with the windows – 10 in my Taskbar but nothing will go in to my Windows – 7 Pro. As every tech site is offering it now I would rather have mines from Microsoft like everyone due this great Upgrade to a whole new O-S …Any Help …..Great video 10/10 info …Many Thanks

  25. I have a problem with Windows 10… When I press a button (WASD for example) I can't move my mouse around until I stop pressing these buttons. Any solutions?

  26. Did you know you can currently get Google Earth Pro for free? Time for an upgrade, maybe?

  27. i have a question. i bought a new beast computer like two months ago and i want to upgrade to windows 10. all the programs are installed to my second hard drive D and windows is installed to C. when i do a clean install will the programs uninstall?

  28. Windows 10 never give me the option to do a clean install it just asked me if it can update to windows 10 i said yes every thing works just fine. I still have all my old programs. is there a way i reformat and get windows 10 again with no problems and start clean?

  29. plz can someone tell my google chrome has stopped working on my machine after I upgraded from window 8 to windows 10. the chorme open but it is just a blank page and then I get a message " this page is unresponsive"…..

  30. i have to  ask that i have many important data in D drive….after upgrading is there any chance of loosing the data ? what does clean installation means ?

  31. If I take a clean install to Windows 10, will the drivers and programs that came with my PC, exclusive to my pc vendor be there?

  32. I know someone who has a friend that tried to fix their computer by doing a clean install for windows 8. Only problem was that they used a copy of windows 7 that was fake and came with a virus that uninstalled a bunch of drivers for sound, gaming, ect… The good thing about windows 8 is that it has a factory reset option… They were to stupid to realize it, so I thought it was too funny LOL

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