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Windows 10 Wifi problems troubleshooting tips and tricks

90 % of all WIFI problems will be fixed with these 3 tips for Windows 10 if you are having difficulty connecting to your network

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  1. Wifi connections don't show up

  2. This Video actually had a Solution for my Problem. This Helped me Solved my Problem of Connecting the WiFi especially "Forgetting" the old connections and reconnecting the Network. In this Part I Was Breaking My Head For Fixing The Issue.
    A Great Thanks For The Maker Of This Video. Thanks Man. Seems you really are a Talented Guy.

  3. very very very nice video ..God help you

  4. Why are people saying "If I don't have internet, how will I search" how can they not figure out THAT YOU CAN USE ANOTHER DEVICE THINK FOR A SECOND….

  5. I have been experiencing constant problems with my WIFI since re-installing windows 10- I had to reinstall when I was having other issues. It is only happening with Windows 10, i tried another computer with Windows 8 and it worked fine so this is not a router issue. The problems with Windows 10 have been non stop. Complete garbage.

  6. thanks it's working.thanks a lot bro.

  7. Well non of these work for me. I just replaced the in-build WiFi card and shockingly that didn't work as well.

  8. What if the wifi icon isn't on the bottom right corner of my screen?

  9. Bro, I never comment on videos but Im so fucking happy right now!! U just saved me a ton of time and money, thank you!

  10. Excellent, thanks so much, it worked for me after I went into Manage WIFI settings and forgot the known networks (McDonald Hotspot). Thanks again!!

  11. The very first to verify thing when the wifi is unstable or very slow, is if your router/modem is located in a room near a kitchen using a microwave. Also check the desktop is not located near a wall because cables within the wall may affect the signal.
    Secondly, HP desktops ship with cheap wifi cards, replace them with an original Intel card compatible with your processor (AMD and Intel don't have the same wifi card)

  12. um hi. my laptop has this NetworkUX.ViewModel.SettingEntry whenever i try to click on a wifi to connect, it just shows that and I cant go to settings because whenever I try it just automatically closes.

  13. Windows 10 is a good operating system, but someone shit the bed when they were thinking about Wifi integration.

  14. I don´t have a wi-fi option. That´s my problem!

  15. Unfortunately didn't help ????

  16. thanks so much because my problem has been solved with the help of this tetorial………

  17. to download wifi driver I need Internet which I can't connect too lol

  18. Hi, I bought this new computer and it was DIY, I sent up the system but it did not have a wifi drive

  19. I accident hit forgetcon my WiFi. how do I get it back?


  21. Searched for the wifi drivers and nothing is coming up. Just coming up sites on where to buy the computer..

  22. is your computer pc or notebook

  23. How does one search the internet without wifi?

  24. i am using dell inspiron 5520 laptop.In windows 7 and ubnuntu my wifi works very well nothing goes wrong but in windows 10 before update my wi-fy also works very fine problem begin when it gets update. After automatic update my wi-fi disconnects & reconnect automatically several's time .
    There are no official wi-fy drivers for windows 10 for my laptop in dell website. I have tried windows 8 & 8.1 wi-fi driver's but it couldn't solve my problem.
    Will you please help me !!!!??????

  25. Tnq soo much fr this lecture… nw my wifi working ????

  26. Thanks this helped to sorted out my daughters network issue on her hp envy.

  27. thank you me and my mom are have trouble fix the wifi

  28. does anyone know how to set up password on my wifi for some reason when i updated to windows 10 it erased my p.w now i cant figure out to set up a new one because there is no control panel

  29. My wifi is disabled and when I enable it it disables

  30. My laptop keeps auto connecting to every network in my area and, its making my internet slow. Everytime i uncheck the "connect automatically" box on every one, my internet gets faster but, it only lasts about 5 minutes because, my pc reconnects to them.
    I go to manage known networks and, mine is the only one there so, i am unable to forget the networks that my pc auto connects to.

  31. your a genius. it worked!!!! bro (Y). hats off to u sir. i love u. marry meeee plzzzzz 😉 … just kidding. i will always pray 4 u. God bless you with everything. once again. i salute u sir (Y)

  32. microsoft didn't progress after windows xp

  33. well u sound like a professional. i ve seen many videos. this ws a little different. i hope it works. im gonna try it now. if it works then i ll be the happiest man on this planet. if not then im gonna shoot my laptop with an Ak47. im sick of this problem. hoping now

  34. Can you help me about this: PCI GBE Family Controller is expiriencing hardware or software problems?

  35. first thing go to the internet…. wtf I can't connect to wifi. the button wont slide on

  36. mine just wont turn on even if you spam it .. it stays like right on off and i restarted pc and stuff… nope nun any help?


  38. my problem is that my PC came with WiFi when I purchased it. I since plugged in a dual band WiFi adapter an been using that, it been giving me issues and I had to restore my pc to try and get my original WiFi adapter back, and I restored all of my files, and I still don't have my original WiFi adapter built into my PC.

  39. Thanks for the help, this solution saved me some frustrating hours of trying to solve the problem 🙂

  40. my wifi is continuously disconnecting… any solution

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