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Windows Command Prompt Useful Tricks, Hacks, Tutorial (CMD TRICKS AND HACKS! USEFUL!)

Updated better version of the older video.
We’re back! Hope to keep posting videos like this!

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22 Comments on Windows Command Prompt Useful Tricks, Hacks, Tutorial (CMD TRICKS AND HACKS! USEFUL!)

  1. Really good! Thanks for teaching me some things, I know some of the stuff you said in the video. Really nice!

  2. this really helped TNX

  3. what's to change colour to green text ?

  4. oooooooooof i know im to late for a reply but i cant ping onto youtube, it keeps sending me to google. can someoe help me cuz i want to do it on my school computrs

  5. use that.make sure your anti virus is off.

  6. to change passwords for net user user * requires administration

  7. This shit work I did it on my self ????

  8. yo PC tutorials, u dont need ip to remote shutdown, u can write in the domain name of ur PC it also works!

  9. c drive locked by administrator. only have access to d drive (user) can I bypass this with cmd

  10. The inro is shot pls delete it

  11. Tbh the other video is easier for me to understand

  12. when you open command prompt from the search don't forget to right click and run as administrator

  13. how to enable ipconfig /hackermode

  14. IK how to boot, hack/compromise a computer, Take down websites, programme webpages using CSS+HTML5, crack passwords, Make a phishing page, make a bug network and shit like that I'm a grey hat.

  15. You think you can hack using CMD LOL u cant properly hack using it u idiot.
    I will give you a tip download Kali Linux latest version but that's if your shitty intel inside lookin computer.


  17. I was able to shut down my computer!

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