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Windows ExpressVPN app setup tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to set up ExpressVPN on Windows 10. The ExpressVPN app works on older Windows operating systems like 8 and 7. However, the installation process might look slightly different.

Also, this installation demo uses Microsoft Edge, but the installation process might vary with other browsers.

For setup help with Windows 10, 8, or 7:…

27 Comments on Windows ExpressVPN app setup tutorial

  1. Why is my IP still being detected by sites like What's my IP, etc?

  2. Hello, i am very very newiest here, does this work or affect our internet provider? i mean i am from Argentina, and i don't know if this vpn is availble for us. By the way, sorry for my English like i said i'm from Argentina, i' hope you answer this.

  3. can I just do this? or do I have to do the L2TP also?

  4. Well…. This confirms the app IS NOT working right for me at all. Instead of opening the app after I hit close after installing nothing happens. It doesn't open the program at all and manually trying to open it does nothing either. I tried talking to support for hours yesterday and nothing they suggested seemed to fix my problem. At the end they asked me if they could try solving the problem by remote access to my computer. I felt pretty werid about that. I've never once had someone working for a big company ask if they could remotely acess my computer to solve my issue. I know you guys are a big company but it just feels like too big a risk to take and the fact that this VPN has been such a hassle for me already makes me regret buying it in the first place. There are other VPN's I could try out that probably also work with Netflix still that most likely wouldn't be so damn hard to use. It shouldn't take this much effort to install a VPN. I wish there was a way I could test to find out if it's something on my computer causing the problem but I don't know how to do that. Perhaps I'll try doing a virtual machine of another version of windows other than 10 to see if that allows me to install correctly.

  5. as soon as i set it up the internet was connected but wasnt working even tho it was connected and when i tried connecting the the vpn’s broadband it told me to login when i did i was connecting and then it would hust go back to connect to the broadband.
    Ples Help

  6. Help i want to ask if its ok to put the protocol settings on Automatic (recommended)

  7. Very helpful, thank you!

  8. i love this VPN

  9. I can't download the ExpressVPN , but i have activation code ,

  10. Does express VPN connect randomly because I want VPN who connect cauntry randomly


  12. Will it work with Windows 7?

  13. how about our internet provider? does the speed change or does it stays the same?

  14. not impressed!! followed all steps on the windows version and im still getting hit with nhl blackouts and also tried the xbox one setup and the same outcome, money back please!

  15. my locations are not shown please help

  16. why its not work for games?

  17. How about a registered account?

  18. geez thx for making an easy to understand video in real English!

  19. Is there pro's and con's associated with the server locations? For example L.A vs somewhere in Europe? I live in the US.

  20. Is it have feature auto change ip and change location ? i need it

  21. is it possible to test the ping for witch one one is the best to choose

  22. Hello, in my computer i cannot connect any country say error


  24. How do I get this to work with Netflix?

  25. Where can I find the user manual for your VPN? I need a user manual because I am a newcomer. I was on your homepage. But I couldn't find the user manual for Windows 7 (not Windows 10).

    Please send me a link for the user manual or pdf-file.. Then I buy your VPN.

    Thank you very much and a good New Year.

    I hope you help me.

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