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Windows Game DVR: What You Need to Know

WIndows 10 is out with new apps that haven’t been featured before in previous builds. One of them is a new gameplay recorder. Check out how it works and how to set it up properly.

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8 Comments on Windows Game DVR: What You Need to Know

  1. It s like shadowplay there s no fps drop but you don t need any special hardware,I m using it as an alternative to action and obs,because those have a huge performance hit on windows 10.

    vote here at xbox website for the devlopment of this recording tool: vote here for them to make it record microphone sound:

    vote here to make this software able to livestream gameplay to twitch and youtube:

    vote here to have the ability to change recorded gameplay fps:(30,60):

    vote here for it to record webcam:

    here for them to fix a problem with them not recognizing some fullscreen games like cs go:

  2. can games like heroes of the storm be shared?
    because when I try it says they don't recognize it

  3. Hey mine doesn't work for some reason. It says this PC can't record clips. What gives. I need help.

  4. looks better than shadowplay!

  5. If DxTory and Shadowplay could have a baby that can record the past 5 minutes, with different audio streams for game and mic and shadowplays low file sizes at 60fps, i would be so happy.

  6. Wow the gameplay actually looks good recorded on Windows 10.

  7. Even with this free DVR… I will not upgrade to 10 yet.  Cool feature though… I would have used it before I bought FRAPS.  What's funny though… I don't even use FRAPS anymore, AMD Raptr DVR works perfect and gives 1080p60HD option with mic enabled.

  8. Very cool feature

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