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Windows Phone 8 Development – Tutorial 10 – Using a Canvas

Welcome to the 10th of my Windows Phone 8 Development Tutorials!
This video will be all about using a Canvas and how placing an image gives us extra properties inside the canvas that is doesn’t usually have!

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7 Comments on Windows Phone 8 Development – Tutorial 10 – Using a Canvas

  1. its awsome…can u pls give demo of some dynamic app or game…i wnna build
     game on windows phone

  2. When is the next one coming out?

  3. Nice videos. Take a look at my supper addictive tetris-like puzzle game for
    Windows Phone, Raining Blobs:
    It is done with Canvases :)

  4. Hi Jamie, all the 10 tutorials are fantastic, i am eagerly waiting for the next tutorial, i hope you wont take much time :)

  5. hello .. i need your help can i have your email ? 

  6. Awesome tutorial! I can't wait for the next one! So excited!

  7. The 10th Tutorial is here guys, hope you enjoy it!

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