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Windows tricks – Arranging windows

Windows has quite a few features for automatically arranging windows, placing them side by side or tiling them on your screen. These features are a bit hidden, so you may not have noticed them.








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  1. 3:25 Hey boss I just thought of a great idea! I’m going to watch a movie while I work. ????

  2. Great feature but it worked better prior to windows 10. In the past there would no unused space on your desktop. seems to be no permanent solution, just a temporary fix

  3. after setting the windows to stack view now every application i open is in fucking stack view.

  4. oh, no, mine is unavailable…

  5. Very helpful. Thank you very much.

  6. Hi meezo, wat windows layout are you using that seems so cool? @lower part of the desktop

  7. i dont have 'show open windows' option?!!

  8. Fantastic!! Now I can reconcile accounts with the statement and the program side by side. GREAT. Thankss.

  9. Finally after 18 years I got fed up and googled how to stop folders from opening on top of each other, talk about being dumb stubborn, I inherited it from my parents I think.

  10. idk why but theres no sound when he talks but theres an intro son

  11. Dragging, nor buttons, or any combination of the sort do anything at all. On my third hour trying to get "side by side" to work. It just stacks two tiny windows atop of each other on the far left of the screen, essentially leaving a TON of open space and two tiny windows that are now unusable and have to be resized. Stacking windows is the complete opposite of side by side. Tons of research and articles, now on my 10th video; if a fourth year computer science major can't get this to work, I'd say it's borderline useless.

  12. Thanks . by the way is that a max OS theme you are using ? Please send us a link to get the theme and the dock

  13. Damn! Wish I'd known this earlier! Thanks for the helpful video

  14. I am trying to have two windows explorers open. Can this be done?

  15. I know this video is very old but every time I try to put the windows side by side they are the same as stacked. What am I doing wrong?

  16. Wow…this was so simple. No dragging to corners. I love te option to move windows with the [windows] + arrows to get them where I want them.. Thanks for sharing.

  17. how your windows looks like mac?

  18. Is there a way to open a window/ program and lock it in front of all others that are open like a small video or calculator? It sucks losing some of my screen/ screen size while I am working to have a small widow open that I need to see.

  19. Couldn't get it to work today while at work – came across your post and I am sorted. Thanks for taking the time to share knowledge.

  20. hi, when you chose show windows side by side, the 2 windows took up 2/3 of the screen. How can you make them take up the whole screen, half each?

  21. damn it only half of my ears can hear

  22. Awesome. Your explanation is so easy to fallow. I have some questions if you can spare some time.

  23. i see you haven't posted in a loong time. keep making videos bro, you can be just like mkbhd. Just keep going i know the beginning is a drag but no pain no gain.

  24. Thanks, it helped

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  26. Friend, when I right-click my task bar I only have three options: Show all apps, Show notifications, Show touch key buttons. How can I be doing this wrong? Help. I'm so so mad

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