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Xbox One, Windows 10, & OBS Set Up Tips/Tricks

In this video I will describe my personal tips and tricks as far as how I set up my PC for streaming from my Xbox One, to PC, to Twitch or YouTube.

This video is by no means perfect, but I think it may help a few of you out there that are having the drop issues that I have had with my streams when using the Windows 10 App.

As always, feel free to drop me some questions in the comments sections and remember to Subscribe to me as well!

Peace out Dewds & Dewdettes and happy gaming!

4 Comments on Xbox One, Windows 10, & OBS Set Up Tips/Tricks

  1. Can you only stream XB1 through OBS Studio using the Xbox App? My quality is pretty terrible and trying to find a solution to plug in directly…

  2. What about OBS Studio? I just started using it yesterday, had to upgrade.. I was still using OBS!

  3. Thanks man, keep spreading that info! If you have time to return a sub, that would be greatly appreciated !

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