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★ Cmd Matrix tutorial [Easy] [Beginner] ★

In this video you will learn some of the basics in cmd and also how to create random numbers

if you have any questions feel free to ask below
Gamble game tutorial and the image opening CMD tutorials can be watched here:

any suggestions for cmd tutorials? ask me below aswell! 🙂

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45 Comments on ★ Cmd Matrix tutorial [Easy] [Beginner] ★

  1. Hi, this can be downloaded somewhere because and I did it but it does not work please write to me who has succeeded and I ask someone to send me somehow. download link?

  2. because you have not done this in notpad and the tool bar at the top gives it away and 1000 actually just keeps going over and over againt until theres no more space on your drive so I will say this once u better stop or I will flag your channel to youtube for hacking

  3. So … you are dutch? "Druk op een toets om verder te gaan…" is dutch.

  4. ey remco, this is your most popular video, make more asap

  5. I saved it and a few seconds later a pop up showed saying that the file was infected and it got deleted.

  6. you sound like kwebbelkop

  7. Spreek je Nederlands?

  8. download a matrix.bat file from here:
    download and click on it and click run

  9. I did exactly what you but it doesn't work.
    When I go to the bat file and it says "press any key" then I press and I just get a text: "ECHO on OFF" continuosly. Can anyone help? 🙂

  10. Be careful with this as cool as it is it can push your CPU too 100% and depending on your computer can crash it.

  11. i found a code , Press Ctrl – Alt – Delete it will KILL u


  13. Cool i just got into codeing

  14. Cool i just got into codeing

  15. silverkill is een nederlander!!!

  16. ya OK but how do you do it with only 1's and 0's

  17. If you want to mess with your friends add shutdown /s to the end this will make there computer shutdown. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much! I tried and failed several times, until I found your video. This is awesome.

  19. thank u man it's  so easy and i consider it the begining to the hacker

  20. another cool thing to add is Tree C:// after underneath :start
    @echo off
    color 02
    Tree C://
    echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
    goto start

  21. do you know that you can write all the stuff down in the desciption

  22. "Beginner" Meaning What?

  23. gij een belgie fuck you praat nederland ni forceren gij geen en hacker zwijg

  24. how do you get the code program

  25. For anyone who wanted this in letters do this:
    @echo off
    color 0a
    mode 1000

    Set Hack=Hack
    echo %Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%%Hack%
    goto a

     (or whatever you want to put) doesn't have to be "Hack") if you have any questions let me know I will try my best. I just learned about this yesterday not sure if I can help much xD

  26. it doesn't work wat do i do

  27. I used it but added something to make it look like I was a pro hacker as a PRANK!
    title Hacking Illuminati

  28. dude, this was awesome 🙂

  29. What does matrix code do?

  30. w3 4r3 h4ck3r5 f0r3v3r th1s v1de0 h3lp3d m3 l0t n0b0dy w4nt5 t0 m3ss w1th m3 anym0re w3'r3 an0nym0us n3v3r f0rg3t n3v3r forg1v3

  31. It worked but it is meaningless.

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