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40 Comments on ✅How to change the logon screen in Microsoft Windows 7

  1. thanks heaps for this dude it looks so much better on my new gaming pc!

  2. how about windows 10?

  3. I cant get registry editor
    What should i do

  4. I dont see authentication

  5. Hi dost plz help me game gta 5 not supprot my computer 5 gb

  6. when i search for reged t it says " no item matched your search" help me please!!!

  7. bro system / oope/ info is not coming

  8. why is so hard to change screen on windows 7 on windows 10 is so easy


  10. why no changed help me plz

  11. nice tutorial
    gud work

  12. for anyone running into a problem with the OEMBackground key not being there, instead of trying to create a key as he says, wich wasnt working for me, i went and cycled through a few windows themes, and windows created it for me. set value to 1 and working as it should!

  13. I don't have file backgrounds

  14. Oh mi gawd thanx u so much!

  15. Almost 8 years later and this video is still helping me out.

  16. You sounded like Lester in GTA V 😀

  17. I Have a 4mb file as my Background 😀

  18. thx bro! nice and easy!!!!

  19. Mine didn't work and I did it exactly step by step.

  20. i clicked new key (critical stop sound) cannot create key error writing to registry

  21. Omg thx it worked 😀

  22. i dont hav regedit

  23. What is HKLM?? I am really confused

  24. what if I cant find registry edit.?

  25. its not showing info folder

  26. hi,
    I have a problem with my Windows 7.
    sometime when I restart or turn on my laptop it gets stuck on the "welcome" page (the blue one)
    can you help me fix it?

  27. Okay, hopefully someone can help me here. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly…. the first time. I have tried changing the picture, but it resorts back to the default Windows login image, not even the first image I changed it to. I followed the same steps as the first time around, but it didn't work. I have seen other videos that claim the file must be below 245 KB instead of 256 KB. Is that true? The second file I attempted to change it to is between those two file sizes. I will give that a try in the meantime and post a reply whether it works or not, but if anyone else has other suggestions, I'm open to hearing them.

  28. thanks because now i can put the fabric like mac logon wallpaper

  29. i want to question my PC haven't OEMBackground . why ?

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