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10 Best Excel Tips for Beginners

Want to get ahead in Microsoft Excel? This video will show you 10 time-saving tips in Microsoft Excel. These tips will show you some of the most effective ways on how to use Microsoft Excel 2016. Check out the tips below:

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0:42 Quick Analysis
2:16 Filter
3:57 Control keys
4:25 Adjust column widths in Excel
5:13 Flash Fill and Auto Fill in Excel
7:04 Absolute cell reference
9:24 Transpose tables in Microsoft…

33 Comments on 10 Best Excel Tips for Beginners

  1. OMG I love it.. so easy to understand and learn. Thank you so much.

  2. That screenshot tip and screen flipping are excellent!

  3. Flash fill, you have to choose that option from that little drop down for it to work, but it does work

  4. Today (0:01)…today (0:03)…today…(0:04)…that is the most todays that I have heard today

  5. Everytime I see "#######" all over the place when I'm trying to create a table, I always assume that I messed up somehow, and I end up starting all over…. I had know idea all I had to do was make the cell bigger….. where is a face-palm emoji when I need it!????

  6. You rock man. Nice job. I learned a lot.

  7. This was great! I would love to learn about pivot tables. I need to merge donor information into a word document from an Excel Sheet and not sure how to do with over 600 donors.

  8. thank you ,you are great

  9. Some useful tips! thanks 😉

  10. hello,,,i see your profile on fiverr,,,,,,,

  11. More helpful than my scientific methods class!

  12. Your explanation is short and clear. Thanks. Subscribed and thumb up.

  13. helped me SO much, thank you, sir!

  14. Great work! Thank you so much for showing the easy ways to work in excel. Although, can you please make another video to solve formulas and other quantitative values in excel? IT WOULD BE A BIG HELP, AGAIN THANKS A LOT.

  15. Thank you so much for the tips..very informative..

  16. Really well presented, not too fast, not too slow. Thank you.

  17. Amazing tips and great help.
    Thank you.

  18. Great tips! Easy to understand.

  19. For me since I'm a beginner definitely two tombs up!!! thank you for the tutorial-tips I only have a question how do you spell your last name?

  20. how to jump the sheets with key board other than using mouse…

  21. The Quick Analysis does not work when I use Windows 8, Microsoft 2007. When I scroll down to the end of a table, I cannot see the Quick Analysis button. Is this a function of Windows 7? I would appreciate any help. My email is
    Many thanks, Edward A Dundon

  22. you are awesome !!! thanks the teaching !!1

  23. This is a great video. Thanks a bunch!

  24. Very much helpful. Sir, Could you please upload a video on Pivot Table and Dashboard for multiple sheets? I will wait to see that

  25. Making Excel easy to learn.

  26. you deserved a like and a subscriber congrats teach you've gotten one

  27. this is really wonderful…. thanks for sharing.

  28. Thank you for the very useful tips !

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