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10 Cool Android Nougat Tricks and Hidden Features

Just installed Android 7.0 on your smartphone or tablet and love the new features? Well, there’s more to it! Here are 10 cool Android Nougat tricks, tips and hidden features that you should know.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Enable Night Mode
2. Change Display Size
3. Multitasking Tricks
4. Make any app compatible with multi-window
5. Enter Emergency Info
6. System UI Tuner Hidden Options
7. Power Notification Control
8. Enter Emergency Info
9. Block numbers
10. Whitelist apps in Data Saver…

37 Comments on 10 Cool Android Nougat Tricks and Hidden Features

  1. clear smeer rufltie naksei NEIN

  2. topitie ano noegu

  3. Take the glasses later on the video

  4. Please take the glasses later on in the video

  5. Bhai ki eyes ????

  6. Thanks, man! Your videos are very informative.

  7. But i don't have fortnite :'*

  8. One of the best lazy eyes I've ever seen!

  9. System UI tunnrs not shown
    My mobile phone name is smart 8

  10. Sir, please make a video about how I can root my android nougat device.. I am using Android nougat device.. please make a video about it plssss

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  12. nice video bri….. from Bangladesh

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  15. How to hide any application without third party apps

  16. I'm a little late but another great informative video Beebom! Thanks bro!

  17. Why is saying app doesn't support split-screen ?

  18. Uti tuner is not working

  19. This video is awesome. Helpfulll

  20. Plz Tell us who to set Dark theam on Nougat 7.0 or dark back ground.

  21. Sir isse mera pbone bhut slow ho gya hai whtsapp fb kholne m bhut load leta h

  22. what about cast screen ? i didn't find cast screen option in Android N

  23. i have nougat 7.0 but i am not able to find wifi display option please help

  24. vai,,,,two window to asse na

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